Monday, 27 November 2006

Whose Sacrifice …. ?

Few months back, while on a pilgrimage,
Visited a border town called Mana gaun on the Indo-Tibet border,
A beautiful place with natures abode a plenty..

While being there, just happened to be a part of a religious procession,
Leading the procession was a playful little sheep,
It was moving so joyfully,
Scarcely did it know, its life was about to end so brutally ….!!!!
The whole town was dressed up and had gathered to see the sacrifice
With no tinge of unhappiness ..
The event was to happen..

What a sacrilege!!
Whose sacrifice was it .. of the poor little sheep… or it was the sacrifice of the humanity ..!!

I did intervene to explain my view to one or two..
Hoping that they might understand and spare that creature.. but all was in vain..
Couldn’t stand more so left before the grand event!!

It’s all a blind faith…
Why such cruelty in the name of god?
Do we have right to take someone’s life??
So if one understands meaning of life.. it is about giving … it is about being happy and making others happy..
Please live and let live…


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