Friday, 17 November 2006


Looks are bizarre and foggy,
They create illusions, which veils the inner look.
It’s the look that changes like the skin of chameleon,
Colder each time, colder than winds of winter, which closes in faith.
Don’t believe in looks, cause looks are bizarre and foggy.

Search deep inside and find a look more serene and pure,
It enlightens gloomy soul for sure.
It provides every reason you can think of..
Peep hard inside for a serene look,
Cause looks are bizarre and foggy and impure….

1 comment:

Him said...

Ya u r right. Look can create a big problem if u only looks to it.

u 've 2go2 deep inside to find by putting them in all sort of conditions... den only u got the exact results... AGNI PARIKSHA...