Monday, 25 June 2007

Life is..

On a hot, scorching Saturday afternoon , while going to the civil hospital for an errand as a help to a friend, I find in the middle of civil hospital road connecting the new and the old building, lies a man unconscious, deadly still with body full of bruises. No pain was shown by the way of umphs and aaahhaa. It was like a dead body lying unattended. Umpteen people flocking from one building to another, take a glimpse of this sight, murmur a few words in retrospection, but none come to the rescue of this man. Silent in some other world of his own, his life is hanged on the verge like a man standing at the edge of a steep mountain cliff on a single foot. Police cross this venue on their motor bike without the need to take a pause and study this case. On asking people around this site, he was described as a helpless beggar. Felt giddy myself at this sight and like the other people of the mass I continue to do my job…I felt bad , I felt horrible as I couldn’t do much to aide this man. And out of nowhere I became a part of the mass…

In the Monday press, news appears of this as a man brutally hurt by some person and left in the roads of this hospital unattended, till a gentle and compassionate social worker goes and admits this man to be taken care of in the hands of doctors. Would his life be a boon or bane if he survives and would he trust people after all this??


Friday, 22 June 2007

in the building lift....

In the newly built apartment, with almost nil occupancy, the flats no way own a forlorn look, with all the finishing processes- the furniture noises, the hustle bustle of the owners to see the progress of their flats, the other people with their work etc. Out there is a loyal liftman who without having to take a look up at the public’s faces who enter the lift , carries all from ground floor to their required destination floors. Without managing to see up at the floor keys in the lift, this man is cool, docile and manages to just press the right destination of the floor for the visitor with the touch of fingers. Surprised by this impressive style, "busy" people tend to move on to do their chores undeterred with the sense of amazement...but had they observed the red and white folded stick lying besides the chair on which the lift man sat..

this was an attempt to write a short story..this one is a 138 word story... couldnt make it any shorter :) am sure it can be worked up much better...

please note.. the end has been a bit modified now and it no longer holds to be 138 words..its way more...

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Simple, the better - more simple , the more complicated.....

Friday, 15 June 2007

The Power of Love....

And today I suddenly realized the power of love- cos I hurt someone so dear to me ..
And I also realized its so difficult to say sorry….

Its often, that we hurt the ones who are dear to us and we always take them for granted because of our own misunderstandings or lack of ability to understand more or what’s required from us or by presumptions and judgments based on the past experiences, by always keeping in mind what we think is the only truth…

Had often heard the power of love, have read a lot on power of love but its today that I realize the power of love …

With our inflated egos we never like to budge from thinking - what we think is the only truth ….. but what others have to share may equally have a bit of truth in that .. –
Jainism spells this as the theory of Anekantvad - The many-fold aspects of truth as truth possesses infinite characteristics, which cannot be perceived or known at once by any one individual ....

Unending, incessant love - creates love and more love … never would hatred or moving away bring or create love….
The art to look beyond the follies, misdoings of others according to us and have compassion and to look for the bigger virtues of life …. such should be that art..

Its easier said than done… so is for me … Learning to love (pure one and not the need based one)….

and mind you this is not about the filmy love but the love in general towards our family members, friends etc etc or whoever is dear to us..

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

from the observation deck.. Part 3

I knew I was going to come up with this... had one point worth mentioning, left out ..

There were special entries in the buildings, airports, parking spaces, toilets etc for the physically handicapped, all around in both the countries, with special care given to such people..

Its about time we consider making such arrangements to make such people with whatsoever little convenience we can provide...
... The road from here..

Friday, 8 June 2007

mystery unfolds...

Day before yesterday , while flipping channels on the TV, came across a documentary showcasing resolving the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle on Nat geo or may be Discovery channel...the views of mytery resolved after years of experiments and experience of a few on why the ships and aircrafts disappeared while travelling through the Bermuda triangle was may be due to the electronic fog and clouds above which disrupted the navigation system which inturn misled the captains and the unrelented strong pacific waves that led to such incidents .. but the controversies still hold..

Also that Bermuda triangle was not the only unique travel to experience such mysterious powers of nature , there were several places around the globe somewhere around 11 or so such triangles..and one was near around Japan where such accidents have had happened priorly and have been noted..

strange forces of nature..where finding answers may take its own time...

life itself is mysterious .. which unfolds its mystery in form of short doses on daily basis... and finding answers to certain mysteries may definitely take ages or may be at times /sometimes lead to no answer at all.. Life is.........

Thursday, 7 June 2007

From the Observation deck - Part II

cond. from part I..

6) the countries are so health and hygiene conscious that even the public toilets that appear on the highway were neat and clean . The people had the manners to leave it tidy as well after the use.

Also whatever the litter generated , say of plastic bottles, plastic bags, paper, etc are to be thrown in required and marked bins and the same is followed by people of all ages. We need to learn a lot in this aspect.

7) To curb the plastic use, there were places like malls and markets where they charge you extra for asking a plastic bag to fill the grocery or other buyings.
Here, who cares of the extensive use of plastic for buying grocery to veggies to throwing the litter or food waste anywhere in the plastics because they offer such a convenient way of use and throw and more so there’s no one to bother you where to throw and where not.. we have the freedom to throw the litter where ever we wish to.. and more so there’s no shame in asking for few extra bags as the shop keeper give them away for free..

Did we ever wonder that the food waste thrown in the plastic bags are so fatal that the stray cows and other animals who try to consume the waste food from the plastic bag may die a silent death (if the bag doesn’t give away and the food is consumed with the plastic bag they may harm the poor animals )
.. then we consider our cows as holy and sacred and we don’t allow them to be killed, to be consumed as food .. but where is that sense when we do such horrendous acts and let the stray animals die a silent death .. don’t you think its time we educate ourselves about the side effects of plastics and bring the same in our action..

8) though being health, hygiene and environment conscious, the usage of paper is enormous there , here we don’t have that extravagant use of paper but on the other hand we still lack the sense and the importance of issue like growing more trees or protecting the green cover which we already have.

9) the rain forest in NZ are protected from all sorts of logging and felling of trees and there is an awareness of the law and decency to follow the same religiously..

10) there are separate cycling and walking tracks provided in cities and people love to take that recourse and are not looked down upon if they carry cycle to places of work , unlike here..

11) the oldies, either living independently or with their children, had no shame in working for their living and keeping themselves employed. They were cheerful lots and did what was required to keep their house going, unlike here , where most often once the children grow the expectation to take care of their parents by the society and the parents themselves is huge.. though this is a controversial issue but what I want to share is just that the minimum the expectation level the greater the joy in sharing a relation which goes lifelong and with a lesser friction .. along with the charm of being self sufficient and independent till the last go.. or it appears to me so or rather I would like to think it that way..

….etc etc … list is long and no wonder if I come up with a part three to share my observations on the same ..

All this might look like Dadi ma’s musings but all in all it was a tiny winy effort of sharing my incite , observations and good hopes that I have for our country, to make it in the band wagon of the most cultured, most decent , most cordial , highly clean , neat and tidy etc etc….
Jai Hind..

From the observation deck….

Plethora of observations happen every minute and every second … the list goes endless but worthwhile noting is scanty, which really touch the brain and stay there for substantial processing… so also for me, and this is my take on the same..

This would be a long briefing of my short notings on my trip to AUS and NZ.. and mind u this is through my eyes and the processing of the same through a P3 inside( ; ) jokingly )…so views may differ…… controversies may be raised… but still go on to read the same ..

1) Being in the league of developed nations.. There was hardly any poverty to be seen .. the poor are given social security in case they couldn’t earn.

2) The villages had all the basic necessity for a standard living, paved roads, electricity, net connectivity, hospitals etc - in short a high standard of living..

3) more than the hospitals for the humans, there were veterinary hospitals even in the smallest town, with the cattle and dairy industry as a major industry, the care for the animals was of prime importance.

4) the skies every single day had a variety to show.. and I just cant guess as to why the skies looked prettier there as compared to those that appear here. Was it because of more open spaces there or buildings with similar construction and majority having similar colour scheme which contrasted the skies well or that the climate is so moderate and the effect of sun bare minimum to make the whole day look pleasant..

5) the nature has plenty to offer there but the conscious effort by the government to make tourism a major revenue generator has paved way to boost the economy.
Having traveled extensively in India, I feel that there’s so much diversity in our land unlike other places that if we concentrate on our tourism industry it can be the major revenue generator for our country apart from the IT/BPO/KPO industries.

what we need is to make it more neat and clean, spread the awareness of health and hygiene, showcase our variety of culture etc.


Friday, 1 June 2007

Travelling time zones is like getting to live a few seconds again in life- theoretically speaking if travelling west or missing a few seconds in life without having to live it, if moving east of where one lives..

And when one goes extreme east, like travelling to countries like Japan or other east countries, when the sun is rising or setting, it is rising or setting for the far west countries like west coast of US etc as well , but there lies a difference of a day….and if we happen to count the celebrations for new year collectively then it would surmount to 48 hrs of celebrations all together , starting from the celebrations in Japan till it ends in the US …

So if I move backward from where I live, I happen to live the same day again or if I move forward I happen to lose one..

A minuscule control of life (as compared to that by the bigger governing body of the universe ) just by moving backwards or forward in space…