Thursday, 7 June 2007

From the observation deck….

Plethora of observations happen every minute and every second … the list goes endless but worthwhile noting is scanty, which really touch the brain and stay there for substantial processing… so also for me, and this is my take on the same..

This would be a long briefing of my short notings on my trip to AUS and NZ.. and mind u this is through my eyes and the processing of the same through a P3 inside( ; ) jokingly )…so views may differ…… controversies may be raised… but still go on to read the same ..

1) Being in the league of developed nations.. There was hardly any poverty to be seen .. the poor are given social security in case they couldn’t earn.

2) The villages had all the basic necessity for a standard living, paved roads, electricity, net connectivity, hospitals etc - in short a high standard of living..

3) more than the hospitals for the humans, there were veterinary hospitals even in the smallest town, with the cattle and dairy industry as a major industry, the care for the animals was of prime importance.

4) the skies every single day had a variety to show.. and I just cant guess as to why the skies looked prettier there as compared to those that appear here. Was it because of more open spaces there or buildings with similar construction and majority having similar colour scheme which contrasted the skies well or that the climate is so moderate and the effect of sun bare minimum to make the whole day look pleasant..

5) the nature has plenty to offer there but the conscious effort by the government to make tourism a major revenue generator has paved way to boost the economy.
Having traveled extensively in India, I feel that there’s so much diversity in our land unlike other places that if we concentrate on our tourism industry it can be the major revenue generator for our country apart from the IT/BPO/KPO industries.

what we need is to make it more neat and clean, spread the awareness of health and hygiene, showcase our variety of culture etc.


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