Saturday, 23 November 2013

On being just an observer.. (1) Get 'lost' in woods..

I am but just an observer .. and love being that way..
So while I walk my way to the park where I go and do my morning walk, I have gathered series of observations, mundane it may seem to a reader but in a way inspired me , rejuvenated me such that I look forward for my morning walks and such other walks which make me grow healthier, better and more humane..

I will post series of very small write ups which relate to small observations and thoughts thereon, on viewing and perceiving them which were gathered during my morning walks..adjoining pictures in many to supplement..

The park is a wooded place in the midst of the throbbing and bustling city..
I love that feeling of getting 'lost' in the woods...
'lost' in my thoughts
these woods, sun-rays peeking through those branches, blades of grass filled with dew drops, birds and dogs doing their daily bit...those running legs.. inspiring me, probing me, challenging me..
'lost' and 'regained'
Lost again and regained , re-energized..
to take the challenges of the day..
day by day I would take.. treating life well as it comes..
to cherish what I say,
'get lost' in woods some day..

P.S: Photographs taken from Mobile camera..

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Feeling bad..can one do something..

Two incidences which makes me feel not so good ..

1) While travelling in  the lanes of my city on my two wheeler, I came across a cow munching a plastic bag..I tried to remove the plastic bag from its mouth and threw it away , though near by .. not sure if the cow again reached that plastic bag !!!

I like the traditional idea of keeping stone kundis(bins) for throwing waste food for roaming live stock which would come and eat it..Its such an efficient way to manage food waste..Zero waste - Zero methane emissions ( which otherwise if mixed with other waste which lands to land fills would have generated methane gas and thus Greenhouse gas emissions)
But with the change in lifestyle ( increasing apartments, increasing use of plastic bags for every form of waste collection, leaving livestock on  their own on roads by Bharwads ( traditionally the pastoralists)  to mend for their own food) I don't like the idea of throwing food waste in plastic bags..what could be done to find solutions for this changing lifestyle patterns?

2) At a different place and time, spotted a beggar picking up some food , from the stone kundi meant for food waste for roaming live stock as his meal !!
I am sure if he would have begged some one would have given him some thing to eat ! Not sure why he landed himself at that kundi meant for livestock!

Pondering over ... 

Monday, 30 September 2013

Lets live and let live!

Life's experiences and tests either sober you down as a person or make you more aggressive.. I have never understood what are the jihadi's fighting for? Some one somewhere due to various reasons may feel neglected and dejected.. but it depends on how they want to take that experience and mold themselves to be better for themselves or others. Revenge or enforcement may help neither! What is important is could you bend yourself a little? I know this is a broad statement and everything and every act that was done was circumstantial.. but can we live or leave a better world is not what we should strive for?

Lets live and let live!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Random th8s

I like sun and sunny days after days of dark skies!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Every life has a story to tell..

While watching a movie  "The lunch box" directed by Ritesh Batra, made me wonder how people long for a good friend or a companion to talk to their thoughts, some one who can lend an ear and listen to us our deep thoughts, some one who is just there when we want to.
How each of us has a story bottled up within ourselves to tell every day with the mundane of the things we face in life ..

In this fast moving world where no one has time to see, feel, experience emotions, where consumerism and money govern the way of life, why has it become so difficult to communicate our mundane or deepest thoughts?? Why is it that with the increasing age it is difficult to make new acquaintances who could go on to make as good friends?

With Ila and Saajan, the characters of the film, it was the error by the six sigma achieved dabba walas who mistakenly interchange the  lunchbox meant for Ila's husband to Mr Saajan, which got them to share their mundane things of life.. but do we always need incidences to get introduced to new acquaintances? How is it that over a period of time we start taking the other person for granted and forget that they have stories to tell when the other person was away earning?

Do we not need to halt each day to see whether in this fast paced world are we leaving the relation behind to achieve our monetary or professional goals?

Every life has a story to tell.. and in this world with the cacophony of those voices .. do we get a lending ear to hear our tale?

Friday, 19 July 2013

Random th8s

I feel ... if you don't respect thoughts and write them down immediately.. they run away ..float in the sky.. for some one else to notice and grabs it... ! 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Random th8s..of feeling and connectedness

Does one always need to be in touch and acclamatise to make friends or create fondness of the other person?

Have you ever experienced or wondered over, if you feel like connected , or having found new fondness to someone over phone on the other end by just hearing his/her voice and not having ever met , and wonder how would the other person be on the other side. .. or say by just reading his/her blogs, write up, stories ( but not having seen the other person) and feel connected?

What reason for some relations on earth with no effort from either side gives a feeling of connectedness ( it can be one way and may not be both ways).. while some inspite of having spent years result into nothing  ??

Just pondering over it!!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

The politics of GDP

Recently I came across an article named : "Corporatisation of India's Agriculture - A Ticking time bomb" by Sachin Kumar Jain at One India one people magazine (May 2011)

The article reveals that large corporations are trying to take control over agriculture and consumer behaviour and thus consumption patterns. With no clear policies coming from government to protect the debt ridden farmer the farmer suicides may become rampant. Three facts strike out clearly from the article.

1)" With the 100% FDI , any foreign company can exercise direct control over the production, research and development of seeds, plants , flowers, vegetables, tea etc and other agro products, Animal husbandry and pisciculture have also been included in this purview."

I remember a quote from someone "If you control oil, you control Nations but if you control food , you control - PEOPLE"

2)"With the attempt for new green revolution, government is creating a suitable environment for  the big corporations in the agriculture sector to grow bigger and take control of natural resources and production systems apart from other exemptions will also enjoy 100% exemption from tax on profits for the first five years and 25% exemption for the next five years. Excise duty will be reduced by 50% while the subsidies to the farmer are steadily reduced and withdrawn!"

3) "Forest, land, mineral products, water, mountains are all resources. As long as the forest are left untouched GDP doesn't grow. When the government or company fells the forest, wealth accumulates. When water bubbles in the brooks it has no value for the government. But when a law limiting its use by the people is passed and when control is given to a company in exchange for a hefty price , GDP grows. When people are healthy, the development visualized by Montek and Manmohan Singh doesn't take place, but when people fall ill, GDP grows. "

I have really come to doubt the definition of development. Backward states , Nations are all rich in natural resources and with the "Developing and underdeveloped tag" the so called "Rich" nations would like to rob  "Poor" nations making them "Poorer" by stealing away their Natural resources and production systems !!!! Such is the irony of Development!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Random th8s

Certain thoughts are such that they are blobs in the brain and don't allow you to move a step forward. The moment that realisation happens and the need to break that chain happens one can move forward. !!! Letting go of the past patterns.. Move Forward!!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

5 elements ( Panchabhuta) and you !

Which one of the five great elements that form everything on earth is you ?? Fire, earth, air, water, space?
Interesting articles on panchabhuta here and here

Interesting finding reveals itself ! 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Random th8s..only if I could peep into his/her mind

There are times in life when  the voice in your head wants to know why one acted or acts with you in a certain manner (good or bad) and virtually the voice in the head does also asks as if the person is present and is seeking for a response!!
Certain responses are better kept suspense and let voice in the head keep doing permutation and combination along with new experiences!

What say?