Saturday, 21 September 2013

Every life has a story to tell..

While watching a movie  "The lunch box" directed by Ritesh Batra, made me wonder how people long for a good friend or a companion to talk to their thoughts, some one who can lend an ear and listen to us our deep thoughts, some one who is just there when we want to.
How each of us has a story bottled up within ourselves to tell every day with the mundane of the things we face in life ..

In this fast moving world where no one has time to see, feel, experience emotions, where consumerism and money govern the way of life, why has it become so difficult to communicate our mundane or deepest thoughts?? Why is it that with the increasing age it is difficult to make new acquaintances who could go on to make as good friends?

With Ila and Saajan, the characters of the film, it was the error by the six sigma achieved dabba walas who mistakenly interchange the  lunchbox meant for Ila's husband to Mr Saajan, which got them to share their mundane things of life.. but do we always need incidences to get introduced to new acquaintances? How is it that over a period of time we start taking the other person for granted and forget that they have stories to tell when the other person was away earning?

Do we not need to halt each day to see whether in this fast paced world are we leaving the relation behind to achieve our monetary or professional goals?

Every life has a story to tell.. and in this world with the cacophony of those voices .. do we get a lending ear to hear our tale?


Anonymous said...


You are sounding very emotional here and speaking literally truth.

before you read further, i am not trying to preach you here. But just sharing what i have experience till now.

Life is wonderful journey and a wonderful story if you look back and write it down on paper. One has to enjoy it however it comes. People are busy in this money minded world, but there are few who can see things beyond materialism(of course that does not mean spiritualism). They help or contribute to keep sailing this world in right direction. May be you are one of these... :)

I second you on "everyone need good acquaintance in their life where they can share everything including all our worldly affairs which each one face."

Looking at your example, If you consciously seeking an incidence than it will not be an incident. It will never happen. Incident is something which has not asking our attention and it has happened. If we will ask for incident than it become so artificial. I observed many things which has happened interestingly when you just don't follow your routine so rigorously. May be leave a bus someday, reach office late, go to movies after interval, miss your office deadlines intentionally. Literally give a change in your life. Every moment in our life is incident, just don't look at it so consciously.

Also, There are many people who are very conscious about world, money and other things, but sometime we just look at them in very biased manner and consider them as money minded. Everyone has seen some phase in life and that has change their point of view towards life(may be it is right or wrong). You must have met few acquaintances which are exactly not matching so you avoided them. But are they ready to change or listen to you with equal sensitivity?

There is something which i follow in life, "if we get something as per our specification and which is not going to change at all, we may like it now but As time passes we hate it. If we get something which can be molded enough or ready to change, that will create masala/tadka in life".

What will happen if you meet some acquaintance, who is not that much sensitive in passionate things which you do, but interested in going out with you for shopping, commenting on everything which you wear from your high heels to your hairstyle and keep talking on different topics. you may enjoy the company of such people too, but we build our aura in such a way that such people don't come near to you. Sometime we develop/seek maturity beyond our age and later on we realize we have missed that fun in life of being immature.

At last honey, you will get in touch with acquaintances of your type but just don't look for them so consciously. Acquaintance should not be characterize or typecast.

Interesting to read your blog and good that your are watching movies these days. Keep writing...!! Btw how much have you rated this movie?..

Meeting you here on your blog and chitchatting with you (being an unknown) through comments is a wonderful incidence which i have ever had. I have never expected this.!! :) :)


chinmai said...


appreciate your views, the th8s that i put here were solely based on the overwhelming emotion that came after watching the film and not related to my life and neither am i seeking for some incidence. :)
I can write something only if I am overwhelmed with the th8 that some author whom i read shares or some film i watched depicts or some incidence that I experience..hence this write up..

Rating the film: 4/5, simply cos its a simple story well depicted..

Virtual world ofcourse is a medium , irrespective of where the person lives or who he/she is, can helps leading to incidences and that's how you reading my blog and sharing your views is ofcourse an incidence.. :)

Lastly, i think "honey" word should be used wisely and not so loosely..

thanks for coming over and again to read my th8s and sharing your views!

Anonymous said...

@Miss/Mrs C: I was not pointing at all about your personal life. But unfortunately my write up turned out in a way that gave such impression while reading.

In some part of the world which I knew, honey word is also used for a person who holds innocence like a child, friendly and holding kind views. (This I can make out from your blog). So, I think I have used it just for you with very wise understanding so called mine and not for everyone.

I don't want to put you in any type of fumes related to this word. So, I will make sure that will maintain simplicity on your blog with suitable words.

Hope you are fine..!!

chinmai said...

@anon : C is chilled out and holds no grudges.. and likes to share her view in a straight forward way.. keep coming .. keep viewing and sharing your th8s..

Anonymous said...

@C: Ha ha ha..thank you so much for your kindness..Ma'am :P

Happy to see you writing on different topics and doing some extra-ordinary work..!!Honey..(Oops - once again)

PS: we went totally out of track and not even discuss my stupid page length comment on your thought on your blog... :) ha ha ha..!!