Sunday, 30 May 2010

Life unparalleled embarks its journey..

After almost 3 yrs of starting this blog, Lifeunparalleled has embarked its journey. Lifeunparalleled is about life in any form is unique and unparalleled.. preserving it is equally important as saving one's own life. Alas! if human realises that the whole ecology is the center of universe and not just human alone. Death of one species would have its cause and effect though may not be in direct form.
Are we not awakened by the ringing bells of the climate change? the melting glaciers ? the rising sea levels, the unusual weather patterns??

This blog is not just about the bads but about showing ways to succumb and adopt which would help reduce our own demise..the exemplary work of outstanding people who are torch bearers in the road less travelled to conservation would be showcased ..

It refers more about ways that we can adopt at home and day to day use effectively with one step towards healthy and green living..

You can contribute by sharing about Conservation topics, people and their works in the area of conservation and their products we could use in our lifestyle to make it more healthier and greener..!!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

passing thoughts

that bunch of yellows looks more pretty in the association of the reds,whites,greens and the purples..

earth tilt or changing direction of east?

March 22 2010

May 22 2010
(here the sun has risen high, is covered by clouds and appears to be a small spot)

Morining shot of rising sun from the same place of two months before and after.. it shows the tilting effect of earth..or is it the changing direction of East...Interesting isn't it ..