Thursday, 30 November 2006

.....winds of change......

Monday, 27 November 2006

Whose Sacrifice …. ?

Few months back, while on a pilgrimage,
Visited a border town called Mana gaun on the Indo-Tibet border,
A beautiful place with natures abode a plenty..

While being there, just happened to be a part of a religious procession,
Leading the procession was a playful little sheep,
It was moving so joyfully,
Scarcely did it know, its life was about to end so brutally ….!!!!
The whole town was dressed up and had gathered to see the sacrifice
With no tinge of unhappiness ..
The event was to happen..

What a sacrilege!!
Whose sacrifice was it .. of the poor little sheep… or it was the sacrifice of the humanity ..!!

I did intervene to explain my view to one or two..
Hoping that they might understand and spare that creature.. but all was in vain..
Couldn’t stand more so left before the grand event!!

It’s all a blind faith…
Why such cruelty in the name of god?
Do we have right to take someone’s life??
So if one understands meaning of life.. it is about giving … it is about being happy and making others happy..
Please live and let live…


Saturday, 25 November 2006

The Digital Divide…

It’s the age of technology ..
Digital divide seems the new ideology ..
The world is going so mechanized, so digitized ..
That it almost went undersized..

Cost sensitivity and effective productivity brought the outsourcing boom,
Somewhere someone got the earning..
Elsewhere other got the burning..
Making jobs move hands..
Tables are turning ..
Life has come a full circle ..
Moving from the so called ‘land of opportunity’ to ‘the land of rising sun’ .. to ‘the land of dragon’ ..
It’s the reinvention of the Old land of opportunity..

Once chimed as being the ‘land of golden bird’..
Golden nest and golden bird..
It’s the land of golden ‘herd’..
With the golden traditions galore..
Come, self experience and explore..

Beware West..
With the opportunities rolling ..
It’s the India calling ….


Saturday, 18 November 2006

What isn’t is – what is isn’t
Life and its existence,
And their meaning intense,
What lies behind bringing the life to earth??

The garden story..

Faintly, out of the dream, with half eyes open.. I hear the sound of this melodious cuckoo bird chirp and sing..
Well, I didn’t even know its name… but just to address, called it so.. !!

As it sat on the branch of a tree in the garden..
To tell its story..
It had no hurry .. no flurry..
Hardly did it know its effort was to no avail ..
there wasn’t any lending ear hear its tale ..

Did I care either??
Who cared for the singing bird on a solemn branch or the running butterfly around a flower or the rising sun making its way through the starry nights or the swaying trees to the tunes of the wind ..!!

So was for me .. Out of the bed, into my world .. mind preoccupied into the worldly matter that I hardly heard it sing ..

With it.. the story it said lost.. along with the chance to understand the natures way to help us relax, rejuvenate and make us realize that there’s a world beyond ours, also lost…!!!
Alas! Nature has so much more to give and teach .. only there needs to be a realization to learn from it…

In life, small things matter ..
Enjoy it .. before its lost the big worldly matter ..

Friday, 17 November 2006

Amidst the morning mist…

Cycling amidst the morning mist…
What I saw, I would like to gist …

I had to halt at the railway crossing…
with nothing else to do while I wait, took a note or two to sing…
Observed the movement of people around…
their face expressions .. and in my thoughts, heard their blurring sound …

At morning seven …
People out on their way ..
Some to jog,
Some to their job,

In no minutes the road was full …
Vehicles.. people…children… the vehicular smog …
And the small clutter of talks …
And in the crowd, while just observing
There was a guy ahead of me busy spitting ..
Which annoyed the people around .. and it did make me carry a smile ..
Yet Another one busy smoking ….
Seems everyone had some purpose …

Was just wondering ..
With the fresh new morning …
When people should be happy and fresh
why was there no smile on peoples face…
All seemingly in some rat race….
Forgot to put smile on their face ..
Forgot that the reason they were working for was to see another smiling face …
With their preoccupied selves, no one cared to carry a smiling face …

The train appeared…
Smoke … whistle …. Kicks of scooter …
All were ready waiting for the train to disappear
And thence resume their journey to their destination…

So also did I .. from there … to resume to my cycling …
Leaving behind the train of thoughts … to what I saw there …
Back to the world which I knew and care….

Five star to minus five star ….

Life is worth experiencing from five star to minus five star ..
This were the words I used , while walking and talking to an aunt of mine….

Life unfolds in its own course .. the best ..the ugly .. the most beautiful .. the worst of events …
Alls a part and parcel.. and every second of it worth experiencing …

Traversing this world with this identity ..its only once that I will live…
Then ..why should I not make the most of it .. ??


The Volatile times ……..

Seems the times have become ‘volatile’
Fancied by this phrase I Caught on the TV the day before, am using it here in a style..

Look the markets crashing …
Bulls falling and rising …
With Public’s patience being tested,
Finance minister comes up with all possible reasons to pacify the investors and say,
‘Stay invested’
So if you are interested – stay invested…. Or vice versa???
But still couldn’t make as to how the international metal market ‘meltdown’ and the ‘other reasons’ lead to such a volatile state …
O! See the volatile times…

And around the corner … there is this protest on the streets for the reservations …
Whose interest is it for.. the politicians or the underprivileged ??… Couldn’t make out ..

O! See the volatile times…

Still another series of blasts at Srinigar to kill for the valley …
To fight for a piece of land since independence, Isn’t it silly……
Is it called Independence on the dependence ….
Dependence in the hands of militants to spare them and have their independence…..!!!!!

O! See the volatile times…

O ! and how could I forget the Mahajan story …
Brother wakes up to kill the brother …

O! See the volatile times…

Seems the state of the world is reciprocal.. killings .. rapes .. militants .. terrorists … someone being threatened.. someone being killed …
Some unrightful laws being passed .. some fighting for their rights …
Some for their land … and this goes on and on … in this volatile world ….

O! See the volatile times…

Time is volatile and life too … Live life as it comes……. Live and let Live….
Frankly, hadn’t used this word so much since I left chemistry .. though…..!!!


Road side Hanuman

Every Saturday while taking this usual route for my office ..
I see people flanking the sides of road to pray to this road side Hanuman….

I see the staunch believers bowing their heads in this sweltering heat ..
So that one day the wishes they wish come true or the problems they endure are wiped off..
Vehicles and people blocking half the road …
But still no looking back when its time to pray !!!!

While others looking to the god from the vehicle they ride .. and bow from their traveling mode .. making their presence felt as well…
Time or two did I bow as well… seems I caught up with the mass action .. and coming to think of it becomes a reflex then …

Just wondering about how its importance is building day after day..
Cos once there used to be just mass of two .. and as Saturdays roll .. two becomes four, four becomes eight and so on..
And further .. as the praying mass increases so does the queue of beggars ..
See the intelligent Indian beggars .. know where to bank … !!

Seems the Pandit is doing his job as well ..
As he also tries to built on his followers ..
Yet day after day .. the queue increases .. so does its importance ..
And the sweltering mass attracts another mass ..
All forgetting along with the civic authorities that this was the Road side Hanuman !!!!!

One rather acts according to their belief ..
On a wiser note its better not to challenge someone’s beliefs…
With belief and religion being a sensitive issue .. thought this was enough to quote ..


Life time opportunity

Was waiting for a lifetime opportunity.. to make big …
to realize my dreams …
to achieve all what I wanted to achieve ….

I thought the opportunity would once knock the door and then would I quickly grab it to add to my store …
and I waited and dreamt some more ….
And I was yet to realize … It was now that I had to work on….

There was energy and vigour to the work I did ….
Thought I was about to get the accolades for what I did..
and when there were times the disappointment struck ..
I used to think was my effort less or was it my luck ? ..
For a time or two did curse the god as well..
And on the lowly note thought why didn’t my thought sell…

But its no Gods grace ….
And I learnt had to accept the things as and when they come with grace ..
Had to start from the scratch again….back and realize the dream again..
I had to be my mentor.. I had to be my god …

Thoughts had their own flow …
At times confiding, at times low,
And in the thoughts was about to lose the most precious - life time opportunity …. which is NOW…
Starting to work on NOW…

5th April 2006

Little Encounters ….

In the clutter of thoughts ..
There was always a little voice ..
Which wanted to put its mark….
But as usual it went unheard ….
While not realizing it , I think I was a nerd….
It was Life’s little encounters with the little self ….

There were times when things were to be sorted,
There was this frail voice ,
Always wanting to guide …
But I took it to a ride …

When asked it would give a solution as well..
But when did I have the time to hear it ?…
And one day I realize had I taken to this rider,
Today would have been much better……
Cos when I was unable to see the bigger picture ..
It saw and it glimpsed.

So if u happen to have encounters with the little self… don’t give it a stare…
Give it a chance to guide u through the roughs .. let it do its share…

World through my eyes….Part II

What I was just wondering today was … why have people stopped being sensitive to one another’s needs……?

The ‘Junoon’ of caring for ones own self and their own needs is taking a toll… cos somewhere or other we are ‘Connected’ to one another….. aren’t we?

While just trying to think for an answer…. landed as to what is the beauty behind a strong relationship… which then led me to try an answer according to my understanding …..

And this is what I thought ……..
People say that good understanding beholds great relationship….
But what is behind good understanding ….. ?
I think this is where sensitivity and being sensitive comes in picture …
One has to be sensitive of another’s needs…. Sensitive to what one requires, doesn’t require …sensitive to ones choice, ones feelings.. etc ….

So isn’t being sensitive meaning having good understanding …?

But as the human kind progresses, people have gone smarter and taller in thinking that they can really go and fool around the sensitivity of one another ……. Isn’t it…?

That is how the world is working and learning to work …

But for sure there’s ‘good’ stand for the ‘Sensitive’ people in this world.. only there has to be eyes to spot such people and value them….


Way to Live

When You Are Bound With Frenzy Or Fear
Do Not Worry Dear.
Let Not Your Anger Linger,
It’s An Act Of Brutality,
Which Spoils Mans Mentality.

Joy is in sharing, caring and forgiving,
Politeness doth have the steering.

When hard moments count,
and with difficulties you are bound,
think it of it as a small mound
and sure there are many ways to be found.
Try to become a helping hand
sure in Heaven you would land.


Changes are a part of Life,
Adjusting to them is cleverness.
Optimists create their way,
While catching the dawns ray
While pessimists close their eyes and say
“It’s dark down the way”

Live a life full of reason
In Life’s season,
Change becomes irreversible mission.

What is done is done for good,
Accepting it and changing it to our mood
and to conclude
God is ultimate and none can reciprocate
so challenge changes by adjusting in required way.


College Life

The enthusiasm of the last semester is immense,
Project, Industrial tours, files and submissions
Students hustling here and there with sense of seniority, importance and priority,
Experience touches its heights,

Hopes and aspirations, competition to survive,
To strike and to reach the top.
Hopes of some might shatter,
But there comes the survival of the fittest.
And in the end the time to leave –
Farewells and parties, cries and wishes,
With the goal to move, tread to our betterment,
And all’s well that ends well
Its only the experience that makes us understand………..

On the pages of my memory,
Preserving down these moments,
Sitting on the wings of time,
Did I travel on this lane..
Meeting people as nice as you- it was destined….
The exchange of ideas , thoughts, culture and knowledge was what I learned and vice versa.
The clock of time doesn’t stop,
But its preserving that counts ..
We met to create memories and will part to preserve them..
Life is too short and transient, and Time the swiftest of all.
The glowing buds today would bloom creating heavens on earth..
Life.. is sure it would die .. but the glory of the blossoms does remain ………..

Return my childhood..

Return my childhood,
Where did you take it away,
No more can I withstand the harsh blows of this wicked world.
Like a timid rose that grows on the thorns,
Where is this gentle world I saw?
Where is this gentle world I knew?

Gone, gone away in the past..
Can anyone get it back to me?

The world I saw was big enough,
Now I know its full of roughs and tough.
The joy, laughter, the love I had got ..
I demand it back again..
Can anyone rekindle the spirit of childhood in me?
No, its gone away with the wind, to the far off land,
Leaving me in the state of remorse,
To stand it till my life’s course….


It was the war of gods that carried on in the heaven,
And the sound of fight, clash of axes, spears and arrows was bustling around,
From morning six to evening seven, did the fight go on..
with no room for air and ground.
The heat of heaven, carried down as rain,
Or was it the bloodshed of those whose efforts went in vain?
It was the season of death I believe,
With god on the loosing side, more men did he need,
Calling men from the earth,
Did Yamma complete his deed,
But did he not look back at the pitiable site he left behind,
Or did he just go blind??
It was the loss of their dear one,
Crying and mourning were the near ones.

But then I thought …
Everything has its time,
A thing today in lime,
Tomorrow might loose its shine,
So to expect nothing was the best,
And accepting then, what came in the rest…
[ why do we grieve when somebody walks out of sight? They are as alive as we are, but because we cant see them, we are supposed to grieve? It doesn’t make a lot of sense … if we are eternal creatures …..]


Looks are bizarre and foggy,
They create illusions, which veils the inner look.
It’s the look that changes like the skin of chameleon,
Colder each time, colder than winds of winter, which closes in faith.
Don’t believe in looks, cause looks are bizarre and foggy.

Search deep inside and find a look more serene and pure,
It enlightens gloomy soul for sure.
It provides every reason you can think of..
Peep hard inside for a serene look,
Cause looks are bizarre and foggy and impure….

On Wings

On Wings

Time like the bird moves on the wings,
More precious than a gem, so invaluable is it?

Swifter it is than anything else, with no one to wait for,
Our Journey to life hangs on those wings.
Grabbing on the wings are the achievers,
Steady remains their journey towards Success.

Carried on its wings are the loads of memories,
With different eyes to view it.
The more one grasps from it, more experience one gets.

So to remain on those wings aloft and high,
Valuing the invaluable is what one should try!
donno where to start.. this is my first attempt at blogging .. and my purpose of being a blogger is to just share my creative pursuits with my friends ... so go ahead and enjoy the work .. you are free to come up and add ur comments ..
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