Monday, 28 January 2008

Headless Chickens..!!

News headlines says..
"Bird flu has spread to 13 of West Bengal's 19 districts, with samples of dead chickens testing positive in two new districts …
Experts fear the H5N1 virus strain found could mutate into a form easily transmitted from person to person, leading to a pandemic, but there have been no reported human infections in India yet."
.. blah blah…

Now this news is no news at all, its been circulating around since a couple of years now- Hongkong, Indonesia, Bangladesh etc .. Countless innocent chickens have been killed by now, suspecting them to be carriers of H5N1 virus because had they been consumed by humans, they had the potential to spread the virus in humans.. Hence it is found better to kill the source..

So they were born to be killed either way!!..

On other note an item of controversial news which appeared two weeks back was: “The Supreme Court on Friday refused permission to hold ‘Jallikattu’ or bull fight, a centuries old event that attracts thousands of people during Pongal harvest festival in Tamil Nadu, saying it was “barbaric” and amounted to cruelty against animals.”

If bulls fight is termed as “barbaric” and “amounted to cruelty against the animals” , the culling of birds/animals etc isn’t ??? Quite controversial..!!

If one can take a hint, consuming non-veg. never seems hygienic apart from causing pain to the creature.. How could one consume an animal or fish or a bird without thinking what they are consuming as food was alive some time back, walking, swimming, flying , living with its family…
Anyhow would like to present a link mentioning some of the benefits of being a veggie.

Why not Live and Let Live..!!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Time to show case few photographs...( ppl rescued of words to read :) )
Enjoy the snaps taken at aamby valley city at lonavala ( ofcourse , these are just generic photographs and very few ones actually showing the valley view .. but all of the posted ones are the part of the valley..

near sarovar 1..

near sarovar 1..

fort adjoining aamby valley

bridge across man made lake at aamby

pirate ship anchored at the lake

herons at lake

Thursday, 10 January 2008

bullish marathon..!!

With the Sensex crossing 21K mark!! today.. the Bull seems to keep running.. and hoping that it will for some more time to come…Markets seem to be bullish at times and bearish at times depending on theinternational markets performance, crude oil prices, national/internationalpolitical/apolitical affairs, blah blah …

Business channels and economic dailies come with their daily analysis on which stock to invest and which not ..So in the midst of this run withmajor stocks at all time highs - is it the right time to invest?? What my logic says is that (which is similar to that of age old one or rathersimilar to the theory of diminishing returns expelled by some economistages back ) all times are right times of course depending on which stock one is investing , any investment into the diminishing goods would always bear returns..!!
Ps see : I am barely an amateur in this space (so would not dare to give any explicit views!!) :)

With the dollar’s worth depreciating against that of Re …- the most hit are the export houses, and biggest amongst them are the major IT companies (bagging all major MNC projects) what makes me wonder then is that why still are these major IT companies bringing in new employees and why then are they in the race of number crunching?? If they still have enough of profits from the previous bargains, why not prefer to share amongst the existing employees rather then bringing new ones and distributing the profits..!! ;)

Before I open my baggage of little knowledge in this arena :) – I guess this is enough to quote here.. and would leave the rest to the business channels and economic dailies to bring in their introspection, analysis, judgments etc etc..

Enjoy the bullish run/marathon (if u are part of that race!! :) - rest of us can be the parcel of spectators :) )

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

“Would you like to take this horse ride?”

People on the cart were holding smiles, exchanging small chatters and laughs.
The cart moved in rhythmic motion. The tip-taps of the horse couplet built a tempo around like children singing a melody.

Dad’s holding their children in their places, while the ride around the racecourse continued. Raja, the most popular and proud owner of the dark tall horses, made the horses ride slow at all potential clients by pulling the straps passing through the horse’s nose. The children aboard were having fun on the horse’s back.

Viewing this fun ride, Astha asked her little tiny tot if he wanted to take this horse ride.
Pintu Baba “Would you like to take this horse ride?” To her utter amazement she heard her tiny tot replying relentlessly with a little gloomy face and sad tint of tone “Mamma, don’t you see these horses have so much load of these people on their back, their eyes are also covered so that people can’t even see their pain and tears. They, these horses know not why they run; they just run on a whip by Raja. Faster the lashing of the whip on their hump, and faster they run, and if they don’t obey see how Raja pulls those vicious straps passing through its noses, giving them a stare that they are to obey him. And you are asking me to sit on these poor horse's back. I wish I could make them free and let them run in wilderness on their own will."

Stunned and left speechless by this reply, Astha cuddled her tiny tot, lifted him in her arm and walked through the racecourse ground to their way home. !!

Friday, 4 January 2008

I wander and I wonder..solemn and solitude..

How long, into this world shall I wander?
At times it makes me wonder..

Into this path of life with many roads that are right,
Some within reach and some out of sight,
Some wrong paths with closed roads,
would make me come face to face with the odds.
But that would be alright,
As far as I get and hope to see days sunny and bright..

Solemn between the cartel of people,
Yet not solemn at all..
I know what I search in life,
Yet I know not.. ( what is life)

Wonder and wander I into this life..
Solemn and solitude in the crowd,
Being a part and yet not a part of the crowd,
Living, yet trying to find the meaning of what we call as LIFE…

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year !!

As this new year comes with a bang,
lets remember what desires in the heart rang,
new resolutions to form and keep,
venting at times the stresses with a coffee's sip.

Lets rejoice the differences and cherish the similarities,
Lets bring the unknown to the list of familiarities.

Lets find time to keep up with our hobbies and interests,
and learn something new and create new interests.

Fast will this year end to give way to the new,
lets not forget to pass smiles by helping others in whatever way we can whether its due or undue.

Lets brighten ours and others day as well ,
with an optimistic bell,
adding happiness day on day , till the year end,
and later cherish the memories we left in the year 2008 ..!!
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year..