Tuesday, 8 January 2008

“Would you like to take this horse ride?”

People on the cart were holding smiles, exchanging small chatters and laughs.
The cart moved in rhythmic motion. The tip-taps of the horse couplet built a tempo around like children singing a melody.

Dad’s holding their children in their places, while the ride around the racecourse continued. Raja, the most popular and proud owner of the dark tall horses, made the horses ride slow at all potential clients by pulling the straps passing through the horse’s nose. The children aboard were having fun on the horse’s back.

Viewing this fun ride, Astha asked her little tiny tot if he wanted to take this horse ride.
Pintu Baba “Would you like to take this horse ride?” To her utter amazement she heard her tiny tot replying relentlessly with a little gloomy face and sad tint of tone “Mamma, don’t you see these horses have so much load of these people on their back, their eyes are also covered so that people can’t even see their pain and tears. They, these horses know not why they run; they just run on a whip by Raja. Faster the lashing of the whip on their hump, and faster they run, and if they don’t obey see how Raja pulls those vicious straps passing through its noses, giving them a stare that they are to obey him. And you are asking me to sit on these poor horse's back. I wish I could make them free and let them run in wilderness on their own will."

Stunned and left speechless by this reply, Astha cuddled her tiny tot, lifted him in her arm and walked through the racecourse ground to their way home. !!


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

yeah... kids are sometimes way smarter and us-- the so called "smart" people :)
Awesome post :)

chinmai said...

yep for sure kids are smarter than we can think of .. thanks raaji :)