Sunday, 23 September 2007

home alone..

Ever left home alone to experience all weird experiences..

so was for me .. i opted not to join my family members to a jatra, thinking i have lots of pending things to complete and would want to complete those on priority, only later to realise that it was better had i continued with them ...

To begin with, had to go to railway station to get my tickets , and in a hurry forgot to get my house's key. With no key of home or my vehicle left at any place apart from all of us each having one , and mine left inside the house .. i was stranded.. cursed myself of not checking the belongings before closing the door of house .. and i was sitting outside , calling mom , if any key was left any other place.. not knowing what to do ,. i called my cousin to get a sardar ji along to, open the house or make a spare key .. nothing worked.. so quietly accepted to go to my cousin's place and do nothing apart from watching tv and chatting with them.. and later to take my cousin's vehicle to get my tickets after filling my stomach. With that done on priority, sat to watch movie called "my friend ganesha", found it intresting and sat more than a while only to realise later that ticket windows for railway reservation are open only till 2 pm on sundays. And i missed on that too.. and this series of misses continued till i was later joined by my family who returned from their jatra..phew...!!!! Got crazy by the end of the day .. but this experience would always remain in my memory, as normal things hardly get place till abnormal things like this happen ..Enjoy... :)

Friday, 21 September 2007

Monday, 17 September 2007

મિચ્છામિ દુક્કડમ

સંવત્સરી પ્રતિકમણ કર્યા બાદ સર્વે જીવોને ખમાવવાની સાથે આપ સૌને પણ ખમાવુ છુ. મારા જીવ્ થકિ જાણતા કે અજાણતા આપને દુભવિયા હોઇ, મન્ વાચન્ કાયા થકિ કોઇ પાપ્ દોષ્ લાગ્યો હોઇ તેનિ ક્ષમા માગું છું. મિચ્છામિ દુક્કડમ..

For those who dont understand gujarati , its about requesting to accept my sorry for all those misdoings of mine which i did knowingly or unknowingly throughtout the past year in the form of foul speech, wishing bad in thoughts or bad action through the way of using bodily force to hurt you or all those souls from one sense organism to 5 sense organisms. Kindly accept my sorry. Micchami Duddkadam..

Saturday, 15 September 2007

Of mirrors and mirages….

That kaleidoscope showed arrays of broken colourful bangle pieces resting at the bottom support mirror.. with a straight gaze they were broken pieces but obliquely, with tilt in the gaze along with the side mirrors magic, it formed incredible images and astounding designs. Change in gaze employed the change in pattern or design so formed.
Such is life.. all of us have traits of colorful bangle pieces as traits of our nature. One view envisions only broken pieces , only different views of someone or self combined with the previous ones make it appear exhaustive.

I don’t understand the part mirages play…but delusion keeps man running without an idea of when they will reach the destination..
To a thirsty deer a glazed road or desert path appears as water source at the far end of the road and so it relentlessly runs to find that source it sees..
Was it the umpteen thirst that led deer to fall prey to the mirage or was it the ignorance or no knowledge or lack of understanding of mirages that kept it running ..

Monday, 10 September 2007

for a change i would not like to talk/write/blog.... i would let the picture speak.... u are free to add ur comments / thoughts on the same :)

Friday, 7 September 2007

Krishna tales, mela and merry making….

With Janmastami around , Rajkot is fully lit, with loads of fun fairs and melas hosting hundreds of food , toy stalls etc. People seem to gain untamed energy when its Janmastami . Every nook and corner of the city boasts of beautiful depiction of an event in life of Krishna through the way of idols and posters etc. People spend days together to prepare floats carrying decorated Krishna images through the city roads on Janmastami.
For sure , this is a medium for people to enjoy, recreate, run away a bit from their daily life, but does that celebration carry an essence forward to what exactly Krishna had to educate the mass?

People are in full spirit to celebrate Krishna’s birth, which happened ages ago, that’s what mythology says. Don’t know if Krishna ever took birth in real life , as it could possibly be a marvelous creation of Ved Vyasa. (controversial , same could hold for other religion gods also ).

The question then is, should greater importance be given to pomp and show, as what is given in today’s context to religious events?
The pomp and show would cost Municipal Corporation crores of rupees, but again that will be recovered from the stalls put at the municipal ground. Religion has become a business. There shouldn’t be any time spent to look beyond what brings in business – that’s what is taught today. Who cares for all the litter made of the food stalls, who cares for the pollution caused by vehicles which move unnecessarily from here to there to make rounds of the mela or for that matter the floats carrying the images of gods throughout the city? Litter creators who have a habit of throwing litter almost everywhere apart from the dustbin, must have never given a thought to the cleaners appointed, who would spent ample energy to clean off the ground full of litter.

Krishna must have never told to celebrate his birthday like this, but who knows he might get impressed this way also.

Everything in moderation is good, extremism and fanaticism is always difficult to handle and lands one nowhere.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Excerpts from "We the living" by Ayn Rand

I will post few of the statements I liked in the book...

1. ) K : " If I asked people whether they believed in life, they'd never understand what I meant.It's a bad question. It can mean so much that it can really mean nothing. So I ask them if they believe in God. and if they say they do - then, I know they don't believe in life. "

A : "why ?"

K : " Because, you see, God - whatever anyone chooses to call God - is one's highest conception above his own possibility thinks very little of himself and his life. It's a rare gift, You know, to feel reverence for your own life and to want the best, the greatest, the highest possible, here, now, for your very own. To imagine a heaven and then not to dream of it, but to demand it. "

( This one is so controversial and yet both sides are equally true.. I do believe in God as a perfect entity and me as a life who would try to reach perfection .. so I do believe in God as much as in Life. )

2). A : " what better purpose can he live for ? "
K: " Don't you know that there are things, in the best of us, which no outside hand should dare to touch? Things sacred because, and only because, one can say : " This is mine" ? Don't you know that we live only for ourselves, the best of us do, those who are worthy of it ? Don't you know that there is something in us which must not be touched by any state, by any collective, by any number of millions? "

( Liked this one a lot )

3). Everything seems so much simpler when there's a limit set.

( so simple statement yet so true )

There are ample such statements , but I thought this was enough to quote over here..