Sunday, 25 March 2007

on the fly...

Today in the news – some brave man challenges the Deccan queen, a train from Bbay to Pune, by cycling at the speed of the train and beat it to reach the target destination in some 2 and half hours.. a great , thrilling and enthused achievement ..and these were the excerpts that I saw , while flipping the channels on the TV ..

It reminded me my passion for cycling.. and long made promises to self to go on a ride daily was kept today after getting inspired by the news story… and out comes my cycle – “ the star bike” .. then lying in a sorry state to now made manageable to ride..

So while I drove down the under bridge which led the road to the race course .. it was indeed a joy ride..
When one picks up enough speed while biking down hill or down the slope .. then no matter the wind direction or how fast the gust of wind is blowing against u , u just fly.. and try to take the leg from the pedal the flying feeling continues.. For an instance when I put the leg on the pedal again and tried to pedal , I felt that the chain which connects the pedal and the wheels had gone out from its place.. cos the bike moved so freely as if the wheels were moving on their own.. simple pleasures from small small things ..

All in all a joy ride.. go check for yourself.. enjoy :)

Monday, 19 March 2007

Time, space and circumstance distances known from known,
Time, space and circumstance bring unknowns to become knowns…
While watching a Hindi masala movie yesterday, this is what was depicted ..
Totally a melodrama, the two couples find that they have lost the love in their partner which they used to before their marriage.. and it is this unforeseen circumstance which brings distances in their relationship.. and again the circumstance which brings one of the partner of both the couples together… funny, the story is .. but the essence beyond this cinema may hold equally true for any relationship in this world .. time, space and circumstance may make or break…

But life is..

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

sitting by the sea..

It’s an enthralling experience to watch the tide fill up the land and recede in its own period of cycle.

It’s this nostalgic experience which brings to me a weird analogy,
That of the cradling sea with its high tide-low tide effect to the crests and troughs in the life time of mankind…

Its when the tide is filling up the previously left wet land or when the tide is leaving the land wet, that we feel that there’s some activity going around, that the world is actually moving.. and we see some notable changes in the brim filled ocean.. for the rest of the duration, it just seems to be a reservoir of water with a tinge of boredom to it ..

So is to mankind.. its when he/she is in the path to progress or the path to digress can his/her true core be known… and hence by, the worth of the people surrounding him/her during those times…
Weird isn’t it !!


Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Life is.......

While we were having a blast at the ceremonies preceding the wedding of one of my cousin..
There was I, cherishing, viewing the events pass by so swiftly..
In one such function, while dancing to the tunes being played, there we hear, one of my mom’s cousins , passed away. She was suffering from cancer..

Her fate was decided the day it was discovered that she was suffering from cancer and was in the stage 3..
God has his own cards to play..

On one end there we were party to celebrations while on the other, few others grieving the loss,

At the back of my mind, there was a sound of grief..
Not that I was very close to the aunt but that .. God really plays his own way ..
To some it was a moment of joy , to others it was a moment of grief..
Why was it that, god always tried to balance the quota of joy and grief..!!...
But that is how Life is .. I suppose ..


Monday, 5 March 2007

platter full of mangoes

The platter full of chopped mangoes brought the smile on my face..
To me the view of chopped mangoes brought happiness.. cos I relished its taste..

But to the mango, there was a question in its mind..
Why me? Why was I plucked .. out of the whole lot ..
Plucked because it was easy to pluck where it was laden on the branch, plucked because it got nicely ripe, plucked because it served money??
All in all , plucked to be chopped and eaten..!!

Is there an answer to this why??
To the religion, it brings the circle of life and death and the karmas..
But for that mango , what karma brought it there, and what karma would bring it out from there..??Guess there are no answers to some whys...??..!!..