Monday, 19 March 2007

Time, space and circumstance distances known from known,
Time, space and circumstance bring unknowns to become knowns…
While watching a Hindi masala movie yesterday, this is what was depicted ..
Totally a melodrama, the two couples find that they have lost the love in their partner which they used to before their marriage.. and it is this unforeseen circumstance which brings distances in their relationship.. and again the circumstance which brings one of the partner of both the couples together… funny, the story is .. but the essence beyond this cinema may hold equally true for any relationship in this world .. time, space and circumstance may make or break…

But life is..


kunjal said...

priorities of one's life changes with these three factors and thats how relationships builds and breaks...

chinmai said...

hey buddy .. thanks for commenting.. i think its because at times we dont see things happening the way we wanted it .. or the way we perceived it to happen.. and that is where that the time and space plays greater roles..and that is how i suppose priorities of ones life starts changing.. wat say ..

Vimal said...

The trick to survive from the change is to keep changing our own perception from time to time.

And do not change so much that the opposite person can't cope up with you.

There are phases in life when people are tired of the partner or the near ones. But it passes off too fast.

Relations breaks only when one starts expecting from other too much. it is said by Gujarati writer Harindra Dave that "No one's love is less, its our high expectations which make it awkward".

And it is true that one has to give freedom to the other to live their own lives. If one keeps pulling the thread too much, it breaks and it is difficult, rather impossible to join it back as it was without a compromise.

So, change with time, space and circumstances and above all, with the respective person.

What say?

chinmai said...

Surely..thats rite..

but not very convinced by these words
" There are phases in life when people are tired of the partner or the near ones. But it passes off too fast. "

it may be tired because of not understanding the other person or vice versa due to circumstance ..

Vimal said...

Such phases come when the communication between partners decrease.

The key to any successful relation is the communication. And more than that... How you judge any statement of the opposite person. So, rather than being judgemental, try and understand his/her comment and more than that accept the comment or statement without prejudice.

If you can do that, you can be the person without any complexes.

This is true for any relations... bro-sis, dad-son/daughter, mom-son/daughter, dad-mom and so on.

Try it out.

chinmai said...

thats very true..