Monday, 5 March 2007

platter full of mangoes

The platter full of chopped mangoes brought the smile on my face..
To me the view of chopped mangoes brought happiness.. cos I relished its taste..

But to the mango, there was a question in its mind..
Why me? Why was I plucked .. out of the whole lot ..
Plucked because it was easy to pluck where it was laden on the branch, plucked because it got nicely ripe, plucked because it served money??
All in all , plucked to be chopped and eaten..!!

Is there an answer to this why??
To the religion, it brings the circle of life and death and the karmas..
But for that mango , what karma brought it there, and what karma would bring it out from there..??Guess there are no answers to some whys...??..!!..

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