Friday, 23 February 2007

here's what i found in my friend's orkut account..i liked it and hence i wish to tag it here as well ...

"I am willing to let go, I release, I let go, I release all tension, I release all fear, I release all anger, I release all guilt, I release all sadness, I let go all old limitations, I let go & I am at peace, I am at peace with myself, I am at peace with the process of life, I am safe."

Thursday, 15 February 2007

...... many a lifes upheaval , boils down to a string of emotional attatchment in whatever form ........and so goes the circle of life....
....let the hands go loose, the fingers go loose,
too tight fast a string ,
may not dare a puppet move.............

Thursday, 8 February 2007

It wasn’t even left salty……

Almost quarterly , we happen to visit the civil hospital to do our little share of humane service..
Yesterday, although being special in a way, was one such day..
And if anyone has happened to visit a civil hospital can correlate to what I render..

Myriad of activities happening…
In the corridor, a sweeper doing her bit of cleanliness acts, mopping, in the stinky and dingy wards and lobbies….
Lobby full of utterly poor relatives of the poor patients sitting, loitering with a sense of hope and a patter of children, playing in dirt...

Though an appreciable work is done by the doctors and medico students who do their share by paying visits, doing regular checkups and keeping track records of the patients,
The patient ward nurses.. the untiring sweepers.. it seems that they really keep their cool..

Yet there is a lack somewhere.. cos although everyone is trying to provide the best of what they can .. one sees a lot of dirty beds, messy mattresses, flies, dirt and those poor patients with the dying looks …. Where we could barely stand for a few minutes , hats off to these patient people who are either treating or the ones who are being treated..

To some we did bring a smile, for them we might have left a ray of hope that there are people in this world who care .. and from some we did get our share of wishes and blessings..

It seems more than just sympathies, they require humble hearts to say “we also care” and generous givers who help to fulfill their needs in a way..

Reality bites - Unravel this other side of India poised….!!


Saturday, 3 February 2007

I like it kewl….how abt u ...!!

My music sir rightly quoted “cool mind pays off” and music is one of the medium to keep your cool ..
Its easier to skew the agitated atoms …
So being aware of the forces that leads to excited states and working on it to take care of the same ..
Cos in the long run, hot sizzles but it’s the cool mind that pays off……..what say..!!