Tuesday, 24 August 2010

random thoughts..

Thoughts and ideas are so volatile as mentioned in my previous post here..i have come across ample examples to prove that point.. just that you thought of something.. and the next day or may be in sometime you see some one has already implemented that idea and you may not even know that person..thoughts and execution at the speed of light...
such is life...

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Talk of the herds..

If you have lived in Mumbai for some time and taken public transport you would correlate to this post probably..

- every thing being sold over foot bridge or in the train is in denomination of Rs 5-10 etc

- only railways in the world where the merchandise comes to be sold in the train..

- as soon as the train halts people start running towards stairs.., initially i used to wonder what is wrong with people..why are they running as if running for their lives.. then I realized if you stroll aaram se you would be the one waiting in the jam packed stairway waiting for others push to move forwards.

- you will find people standing in the middle of the foot bridge halfway staring at the tracks far sighted..one would wonder why there are bunch of people staring like that as if watching some movie shot..then one would realize that they are waiting for train, fast train or slow train which ever comes earlier they will rush to that platform accordingly..

- walking in crowd learn to walk with one hand bent at elbow ahead .. stream lining people who come in the opposite direction to move out of your way.. :)

funny these encounters may seems and daily you may encounter many such experiences.. but it teaches you how to survive in the city which has no time and no breathing space..