Saturday, 30 August 2008

passing th8s...

Just recalled.. how we would all remain children in the eyes of our elders ( mom, dad, dada, dadi etc ) even if we grow up to be adults ... its only when elders start falling we realize our new found responsibilities of being the elder ones .....

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What's your say?

What should be " Mere sapno ka Bharat" ? Lets quote our say...

Saturday, 23 August 2008

passing th8...

So one more captured here ( passing th8 ofcourse ;) )

We need energy to sustain life. Energy comes to us in the form of food intake we take majorly ( leaving apart solar energy ). Food we intake is a living thing ( be it veggies or non-veg ). Then why in order to live and get energy do we have to consume living things. Can't the energy we get from other sources be enough to get our lives through ??

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

pondering over .....

Why do we need synonyms and antonyms for almost all the words (leaving apart prepositions, proper nouns etc etc grammar words ) ? Isn't simpler the better?

Monday, 11 August 2008

Pondering over..

Thoughts were racing in the mind after the meeting at the office, matching the pace with which I was walking on the railway platform. After reaching the place on the platform where the boggey on which I had to board halts, there was a couple standing, holding a very cute baby.. Due to what ever reason the baby was troubled , it kept crying in its shrill voice continuously.. the parents tried their bit to calm the baby but to no rescue..

With the storm of thoughts in my head, I sincerely wished that the couple dosen't land in the compartment I had to travel. But not to wonder, as mentioned in my previous blog, the crying baby and the family had to sit in the same compartment that i was travellig in :) To add fuel to the fire , there was another family with a crying baby almost the same age as this one, sitting in the next compartment but his Dada was sitting along with us, so the father kept bringing the child to his dada..And turn by turn both the kids kept crying.. :)
After some initial moments of irritation ( may be few hours :) ). I had to let go of thinking to restrospect the day at office and be a part of the flow.

If one has to enjoy a moment, one has to be a part of the flow. Being an observer simply would never let one enjoy the events. So then I decide to put aside all the thoughts and the book that I was wanting to read during the journey and enjoy the moment.
What made me wonder was, like child whose language was difficult to understand as they cry to make their parents or others understand its wants.. so also to us .. the language of emotions is so difficult to understand and more difficult is to give voice to the emotions exactly as they are felt within . How easy it is to misinterpret those and because we couldnt understand what was meant to be conveyed we misjudge, spank , under rate others..

Every business works around emotions.. how easy would the life be if we try to master that art.. !!

To cut the story short.. The next morning was calm as both the troubled kids were fine, fresh and happy to play with us... :) and journey ended peacefully.. All's well that ends well :) What say ??