Wednesday, 27 August 2008

What's your say?

What should be " Mere sapno ka Bharat" ? Lets quote our say...


Stupidosaur said...

What should mere sapnon ka bharat be?


Mere sapnon ka bharat should become reality. :)

Yeh bhi batana hoga ki woh sapnon ka bharat kaisa hai?

(forgive my wisecrack)

Jigar said...

- 0% Corruption
- No politician above the age of 45, All must be Ph.D. degree holders, All must be non-corrupted ofcourse
- 0% Poverty
- 0% Terrorism
- No Maffia
- Inflation rate fall to 0%
- Free medicals to lower class people
- 100% Supportive police department
- Limit the power of globalisation
- No bribery at all
- More apportunity given to general quota (decreasing % of reservation from current reserved quotas)
- No intrusion from Pakistan and Bangladesh at all.
- Decreased population rate
- Decreased pollution rate
- No rikshaw driver or texi driver cheat anybody ever
- Electricity to all villages in India
- Sate of the art rescue system in all over the contry
- Everything equiped be best technologies

Well list will go on and on.
Let's come back to reality from dream and get back to the work :). This is not going to happen ever !!

Jaydip Mehta said...

Being selfish, 0% dependancy on US market. US recession should not affect India ....

Dishant said...

If you want to make improvement on something than work on it from the base and improve that first.
I don't think that such standard like 0% poverty or free medicals that make our India or Bharat
Improve the people mindset. Everything else will fall in place accurately. i know its not so practical but if we reach upto 70 to 80 %, that is also enough for our sapnon ka bharat.

chinmai said...

@saur: hehe.. i th8 u'll come up with some answer like " this is not applicable for me ; i will modify the statement and make 'what should be mere sapno ki Bharti? ' " :P :D

@Jigar: nice th8s..if everyone begins to improve we can try and reach somewhere to bring it near to our sapno ka bharat...
I think our countries major problem is large population, if that is reduced some how many problems will solve or lessen atleast..

@Jaydeep: i think we depend on countries in some form or other and same goes other way round.. how should 0% dependency make a difference? I couldnt get ur point.

@dishant: true enuf we need to work for improvement but improving peoples mindset is a difficult task. one has to improve one wud like if someone directs them how to behave etc etc..unless the change required or suggested touches their heart and mind..

Hitesh said...

Main sochta hoon jab ye Tera - Mera ends and we start thinking kaisa hoga hamare sapno ka bharat tab sab sudharne lagega.

Tera - Mera mentality is what is disintegrating INDIA

Dishant said...

I agree that its difficult task. But mindset can be driven by leaders. There are hunderds
of example available. The leader make them believe on thoughts. On the otherside,individual has
to find out what is right and wrong..?and to whom they want to follow. This is just for them those who
follow someone. I think the major problem in India is if someone did particular thing in wrong way,
why should i go on right way? So,things are touching atleast to their mind but they are not able to decide what is wrong or right ways.

Jigar said...

So you mean if people will change their mindset, everything will get changed. Do you think it is enough? We had such leader called Mohammand Ali Zeena long time back. He changed every muslim's mind and they departed from India and became Pakistan. Do you think that was right? Do you think currently people of Kashmir and Jammu want to depart from India and want to merge with Pakistan, is it a good thinking for them?

Everybody is saying that we need change in us but my point is if leaders take care such difficulties and try to make India better by providing best quality services to people of india, then I think people don't need to think again, all they need is to support such leaders and enhance current situation.

Changing a whole lot of pople is very difficult at this stage while changing our leaders, selecting good leaders who can make our sapno ka bharat dream true, is not much difficult. And that is why my first two points stand for

- 0% Corruption
- No politician above the age of 45, All must be Ph.D. degree holders, All must be non-corrupted ofcourse

Though it doesn't completely prove that we have selected right person but still we can hope from such an young leaders rather than all old aged corrupted ones.

You are right people need to change but that is not enough, you still need something from government.