Saturday, 23 November 2013

On being just an observer.. (1) Get 'lost' in woods..

I am but just an observer .. and love being that way..
So while I walk my way to the park where I go and do my morning walk, I have gathered series of observations, mundane it may seem to a reader but in a way inspired me , rejuvenated me such that I look forward for my morning walks and such other walks which make me grow healthier, better and more humane..

I will post series of very small write ups which relate to small observations and thoughts thereon, on viewing and perceiving them which were gathered during my morning walks..adjoining pictures in many to supplement..

The park is a wooded place in the midst of the throbbing and bustling city..
I love that feeling of getting 'lost' in the woods...
'lost' in my thoughts
these woods, sun-rays peeking through those branches, blades of grass filled with dew drops, birds and dogs doing their daily bit...those running legs.. inspiring me, probing me, challenging me..
'lost' and 'regained'
Lost again and regained , re-energized..
to take the challenges of the day..
day by day I would take.. treating life well as it comes..
to cherish what I say,
'get lost' in woods some day..

P.S: Photographs taken from Mobile camera..