Tuesday, 22 September 2009

a message from some movie.. an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind...

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Some one rightly said , " Open your mind before you open your mouth" simple yet strong message

Friday, 18 September 2009

'Snoring' Cold :)

Real funny conversation happens between my colleague and me two - three days back..
C is down with cold..running nose and tears to support the proof of cold..she has been using her handkerchief often to wipe of the running nose.. to someone who just looks at C for a moment may feel that C has been crying..but thats how C catches cold and displays its symptoms..
So at the end of day C informs her colleague that she would leave for the day..

C: V, is there something else to look at
V: No
C: in that case, I will leave.. as I am down with cold ( as if it was not apparent :) )
V: o yeah, u can leave... I can see you have been snoring the whole day..
C: A little shocked to hear and cant control her laugher.. says again , since I am down with cold and eyes are also watering..
V: yeah yeah .. i know you have been snoring the whole day..
C: now cant stop laughing, rectifies V that C has been 'sneezing'..and not 'snoring'...
Funny the incident was that C laughed on it the whole of her return journey back home :)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

On Beach Cleanup drive and more ...

On the 11th day Post Ganpati Visarjan , 4th September, our team had decided to go for beach clean up drive at Juhu Beach...

Lalbag ganpati fetched Rs 5 Cr worth of donations of just mere 10 day festivity..they say that the money will be used for medical treatments for the poor at a highly subsidised cost...People felt happy of bringing the statue and then bidding it a final good bye and the statue was shown its way to the beach where it was finally immersed...

The final journey of the God was done with great pomp and show.. people dancing their way through the nights.. bursting crackers.. dancing to bollywood numbers with ear deafening music through the night..food and prasad distributed freely and what not...

God was immersed into the sea finally.. and people got back to their lives after..
the Beheaded GOD...

See the beheaded god..the story of its home coming to its final adieu..and then the forlorn look that it had on the beaches...

The state of Beach pre clean up..

The images of broken statues of POP lying all over the beach that were gutted out of the choked sea, garlands, food waste .. all this was never a part of their consideration...who cares.. its government's responsibilty to clean !!!!!
Broken statues, garlands and the food waste..gutted out of sea...

This post is again about questioning the rituals..and that are we responsible enough for our actions.. and what are we leaving for our future generations...filth and dirt...!!
Don't know if people thought the environmental impact they will leave behind post celebrations....On the beach we could find dead sea creatures....probably fishes..lying on the beach along with the filth.. and many more creatures which died inside the choked sea..who knows...

Many environment sensitive groups came early in the morning to do the clean up of the mess left the previous night..Though the weather was deceiving and it was raining the whole night , many NGO's, people from many corporate groups, school children were determined to get out of their beds and do beach cleaning along with the BMC officials..
Must appreciate the incessant efforts of the BMC officials in cleaning the beach... the patch of beach where we helped clean the beach was almost cleaned in about two hours..
See how we are treating the statue..
Bulldozer running over the statue of the Lord Ganesha..

Trucks so filled with waste will be landfilled somewhere little far from the city and in few years time that landfilled area would be an upcoming area to invest and get our own private houses..!!!
Post Clean up...!!
After the clean up most of us felt satisfied and happy that we contributed in the clean up drive!!and made the beach clean.. but what about the people who keep making mess and are dirt generators.. don't know if we are taking steps to curb the cause..

more pictures here