Friday, 18 September 2009

'Snoring' Cold :)

Real funny conversation happens between my colleague and me two - three days back..
C is down with cold..running nose and tears to support the proof of cold..she has been using her handkerchief often to wipe of the running nose.. to someone who just looks at C for a moment may feel that C has been crying..but thats how C catches cold and displays its symptoms..
So at the end of day C informs her colleague that she would leave for the day..

C: V, is there something else to look at
V: No
C: in that case, I will leave.. as I am down with cold ( as if it was not apparent :) )
V: o yeah, u can leave... I can see you have been snoring the whole day..
C: A little shocked to hear and cant control her laugher.. says again , since I am down with cold and eyes are also watering..
V: yeah yeah .. i know you have been snoring the whole day..
C: now cant stop laughing, rectifies V that C has been 'sneezing'..and not 'snoring'...
Funny the incident was that C laughed on it the whole of her return journey back home :)


Only Vimal said...

He he he he
Can't stop laughing.
SNORING... ha ha ha ha

JD said...

LOL !!!! Nicely described ...

workhard said...


u made her laugh while she was sick.. thats reaally nice of u..

a good friend..


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