Thursday, 13 February 2014

Impatient generation!

Are we building on to be an impatient generation?

While walking on one side of the road in the evening, opposite side of the road was filled with a long line of waiting cars and motor bike's..their owners apparently giving looks of being 'tired' n ' physically exhausted' (without any greater physical exercise ..not sure of mental weariness also though) experienced at the end of the long day and can't wait to go 'where-ever' 'as soon as possible'...and then ..3.2.1.. green ... honking ...speeding vehicles.. cutting lanes ...
Traffic signal here just went green and there was this sudden rush of the motorized populace who had to cross that signal before it turns red again and then having again to wait for five-ten minutes of their life on the signal..

An auto rickshaw had stopped its engine at the signal only to realize that when the signal turned green, its engine wouldn't start ... and then suddenly the loud blaring sounds and horns from behind.. as the patient auto driver tries to pull across his vehicle to the side of the road to give way to the other vehicles, there are these scorning faces from those long sedans and the SUV's as if the road was their's and that stupid rickshaw driver wasted their precious time..

Where are we heading? Don't we see that it was the vehicle which couldn't start and it was not the fault of that poor chap to waste other 'honorable' people's precious time!!
I wonder do 'they' even care about someone's health or life also!! The sounds would one day aid in hearing impairment.. which to a comfortable a/c driven and windows rolled up 'honorable person' wouldn't matter... what matters them is their time , their road, their money,  their style statement and their status ... I have myself feared of getting hit multiple times while walking or cycling from these speeding vehicles ( not that I don't drive a four wheeler or a two wheeler, but I know I at least have some value system in place) .. and I am always at scare that the speeding traffic may kill one some day ..!!

Do they even realize what are 'they' running for in Life!  Giving lessons of value and larger truth of life and mutual respect is what I believe may help! 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

VIMH speaks

Voice in my head (VIMH) 

True wish creates coincidences!