Monday, 29 October 2007

on a weirder side :)

now this is a little weirder..see the effect of the numbered spectacles :) dont come to bang ur heads... :D had nothing else to quote apart from few incomplete blogs pipelined to be completed... till then enjoy this weirdness.. :)

life as is ...

Life as is....

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

idly thinking...

While sitting idly in the puja room of my house - into a thinking mode and not actually doing prayers :) my attention was drawn by a small insect coming towards me. With a soft bristled brush , I push that insect far from me in a different direction. That force of my hand shoved it off into a different direction , unknown to it, yet it started its journey back towards me.

There was some sense of purpose that it had to pursue that made it still carry on its mission towards where it was heading previously despite the fact that it was shoved off from that place. For the second time I did the same , this time in a different direction again than the last one , and yet that little creature with its persistence, perserverance and sense of purpose trotted its journey to its thought destination... this continued for other few couple of times with the same result. I was amused to see the perseverance of that insect.!

It made me think that whatever the force, unknown to that insect, that came to hamper its journey to its destination , it still made efforts to continue its mission undeterred. Point to take..!!

Though the last time I shoved it off, it tried different ways to reach the destination - trying to climb wall and then move horizontal to the destination, walking side by side to the base of the wall.. etc , but this time I could see it was really struggling to find its way back.. I didnt wait to see if it actually followed the lost path or not..I hope it did!!!

Such is our Life........!!!!

Saturday, 20 October 2007

.....Life is Peaceful, and Peaceful is relative...........

Monday, 15 October 2007

.......(of me) only me and "it" knows it all........ ( at times not me also )

_____________________________________________________ times when confusion lingers, leave everything on "it" .. and then what ever u receive is a surprise gift …..

Friday, 12 October 2007

little wonders

How long do you think this prop roots shall have to grow, to touch the bottom of the river....

Thursday, 11 October 2007 many characters to me, as many people i meet....

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Live life Kingsize..!!

The coming generation, son and daughter of some so called hi-fi business men and women , professionals etc , who live in the fast city life and fantasy of their own world, who go to do the shopping - from branded clothes to the day to day living items, like veggies and other groceries etc from the air conditioned shopping malls are going to miss the shopping from the local markets and street shops for sure.

One such experience is shopping veggies from the vegetable market. The hooting and cacophony of noises coming from all the sides to sell their stock, with all sorts of amusing sounds that they make to attract the customers to their stall..its really an enterprising edifice and an enthusing experience to watch those sellers shout at the top of their voices in an effort to attract their potential customers.

Yesterday was one such day, when I accompanied my mom to sabji maandi.. while my mom was shopping the veggies , I was busy observing, talking to a few of them and enjoying the vigour with which the sellers sold. Marketing personnel should be sent on such on- the floor training .. what say ? :) they will learn ample techniques..

What more is the way they live .. happy go lucky , always living by the day in the present, not too worried of their future, always trying to put their best into their selling, nice with their neighbor vendor even if the neighbor stole their customer . At the end of the day , even if they have to sell their stock at a loss , they are ready to part with their money, unlike most of us .. and at night go to sleep calmly with no tensions of this world like- how to be no.1, what to do next , where to invest, how to save money, how to catch hold of some free money.. To me though they would be living in small houses or on the streets yet they are living Life King size…!! Lesson to learn .. what say ?

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

random clicks

.......... Zero = infinity ........