Friday, 12 October 2007

little wonders

How long do you think this prop roots shall have to grow, to touch the bottom of the river....


Kanan said...

They don't know but they will keep trying until someone sails by and cuts them or they drown and become separated from the tree trunk.

That's too deep! not the water, the post.

chinmai said...

hey kanan , that was indeed a great view.. frankly i had captured it in amazement that these prop roots were trying to grow in wrong direction unknowingly.. ur view was mind blowing :) keep writing and commenting ..

drhemani said...

They will keep growing till it reaches the bottom of the river.

Its the mother nature which gives all of us the power to grow. We grow till needed and meanwhile we encounter a lot of problems. If we stop growing in anticipation of problems, there will be no growth and somebody else will grow in our place.

The Darwin was right. "Survival of the fittest".

And do you remember the dialogue of Jurassic Park? If not, it is... "Life will find its way".

Why think negative? Why the hell both of you think that someone will cut it or they will drown to death? My personal advice to both Kanan and you is to think positive and you will grow.

We often think that due to certain circumstances or due to someone, we could not grow. But it is not true. It is us who limited ourselves in achieving heights. And besides, if we continue thinking about it and stop ourselves doing anything more and keep blaming others, what will happen? Nothing except strangulating our own growth. So stop blaming and start living. Life is waiting for you. Come out and live life.

Chinmai, I would advice you to visit the same place after some years and take the pic and tell us what had happened.

Do comment.

chinmai said...

hey vimal bhai agree wid wat u say, wat i liked abt wat kanan wrote is this "They don't know but they will keep trying" - meaning they wont give up, till it finds its way.. thats essentially wat u said "Life will find its way". any guesses which place this is . :) ( this is singapore river.During my 1st visit there years ago ,i had not noticed this ,but this is captured during my 2nd visit.So may on my 3rd, probably when "Life will find its way", i will see the prop roots touching the bottom ... :D what say :)thanks for your view.. appreciate it ..

and actually when i wrote "how long" - i meant the length of prop roots to grow to touch the bottom in turn meaning the depth of river.. m glad to ve different different views :) keep them flowing..

Jaydip Mehta said...

Until it realizes that I am not meant to do that, my purpose of existence is not to do that, I am just part of a plant like leaves..