Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Live life Kingsize..!!

The coming generation, son and daughter of some so called hi-fi business men and women , professionals etc , who live in the fast city life and fantasy of their own world, who go to do the shopping - from branded clothes to the day to day living items, like veggies and other groceries etc from the air conditioned shopping malls are going to miss the shopping from the local markets and street shops for sure.

One such experience is shopping veggies from the vegetable market. The hooting and cacophony of noises coming from all the sides to sell their stock, with all sorts of amusing sounds that they make to attract the customers to their stall..its really an enterprising edifice and an enthusing experience to watch those sellers shout at the top of their voices in an effort to attract their potential customers.

Yesterday was one such day, when I accompanied my mom to sabji maandi.. while my mom was shopping the veggies , I was busy observing, talking to a few of them and enjoying the vigour with which the sellers sold. Marketing personnel should be sent on such on- the floor training .. what say ? :) they will learn ample techniques..

What more is the way they live .. happy go lucky , always living by the day in the present, not too worried of their future, always trying to put their best into their selling, nice with their neighbor vendor even if the neighbor stole their customer . At the end of the day , even if they have to sell their stock at a loss , they are ready to part with their money, unlike most of us .. and at night go to sleep calmly with no tensions of this world like- how to be no.1, what to do next , where to invest, how to save money, how to catch hold of some free money.. To me though they would be living in small houses or on the streets yet they are living Life King size…!! Lesson to learn .. what say ?


Bhavesh said...

reminds me of shahbuddin again (did i hear "oh no not again!!")

A richie rich sheth sees a common man calmly sleeping on the street. So he goes and asks him "how could you have such sound sleep". In reply the man says (in hindi) "Usme konsi badi bat hai. Apko bhagvan ne woh sona (gold)diya hai to hume yeh sona (sleep) diya hai" :)

CM-Chap said...

Nice thoughts... True they live Life King Size...

I always try to live that way... without thinking of worries... Till now fairly successful...

Hey can i blogroll u?

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

yeah i miss these things.
Unfortunately they dont exist in this part of the world :(

Kanan said...

Nice story. And I too was reminded of the same incident that Bhavesh shared. :)
I think more material pleasures in life come with more responsibility, more stress, and more pressure. Simple life is better because there isn't too much stuff around to complicate matters. What say?

chinmai said...

bhavesh : agree wid u,
cm-chap : thanks for revisiting. ofcourse u can blogroll :) ,
raaji: come over sometime to experience all this .. its nice to see world from different perspectives and self experience the same,
kanan: thanks :) agree wid u .. but to be more simeple ,is more complicated and complex..

drhemani said...

The different view from all of you.

If you have ambition, will to work and succeed, you are expected to work hard. If you want to achieve something in life, you have to work and worries etc are the part and parcel of the ambition.

But... I would call worry as the misuse of imaginations.

It is on us to decide if we want to remain unhappy or to be happy with everything we have.

The example you quoted, of a subji vendor, is also not completely worry free. You should see them when they have some health problems or some natural calamities they face...

But they are happy because they want to be happy.

Life is not fair to anybody. It is upto us to make it fair for us.

We are unhappy because we do not want to show that we are happy and this will gain others sympathy.

All of you, Bhavesh, Raaji, cm-chap, Kanan and you, think it over.

chinmai said...

hey vimal bhai thats a wonderful point u pointed out .. thats exacly the sideliner to the above blog ... "But they are happy because they want to be happy.".. very true.. it says it all.. thanks for putting it out so flat and easy ..

Jaydip Mehta said...

Greatest lessons of life can be learned from these people .. sabjiwala, bike repair shopwala, some autowalas, tea walas and all..
Sometimes when I feel down, I observe these people and think "hapiness is truly a relative. It is mere a state of mind. Nothing else."