Thursday, 29 November 2007

Uncommon story of common men!!

What’s a common thread between Bengal, China and ex- super power USSR?? I like to put Communalism as the common thread... The present situation in Nandigram , located in the communist state of Bengal, the communist outlook of china and yet its economic progress and the aftermath of USSR breaking away into smaller countries in 1990’s under President ship of Mikhail Garbochev to shed off its communist skin as well as the image of Super power after a long struggle , led me to delve further into what is communism..

This is what I found in one of the websites “Modern day Communism is based on the writings of two German economists, Karl Marx and Fredrich Engels, who answered the question “What is Communism?” in their collaboration, “The Communist Manifesto” published in 1848. In it they declare that many problems in society are due to the unequal distribution of wealth. To bring about happiness and prosperity for all, the distinctions between the rich and poor of society must be eliminated. And since the rich will never give up their goods or status voluntarily, a rebellion of the poor -- the working class -- is necessary.

Thus, Communism is a distinct socio-political philosophy that is willing to use violent means to attain its goal of a classless society. If capitalism is defined as a social system based on individual rights (and individual wealth), then communism is its direct opposite. Communism believes in equality through force.”

More than helping the society curb the rich-poor divide and its inequality, it flares the pangs of injustice through atrocious means. See what’s happened to the failed efforts in Nandigram, and the USSR, an ex-superpower?? The economic growth story of China under the siege of being a communist state yet needs to be understood. But this can only be explained by the Chinese people who experience communalism day in and out, which would never otherwise come to light.
Force of any form leads to no good..and communism is a one of its forms.. Democracy should be the way of life.. !! Lest China and Bengal /Kerala can take cue from the USSR episode…!!

(This is a meager quench my inquisitiveness. All explicit views and study on the same can be attained through Google devta..!! :) )

Friday, 23 November 2007

nature's retreat..

autumn effect: amla tree sheds off its leaves

Bin mausam Barsat: see the droplets on leave edges sprakling like crystals... thats a christmas tree..

After effect of bin mausam barsat: amla tree with it leaves back..

Few days back, city received unseasonal rain. Nature misunderstood this bin mausam barsat as retreat of rainy season such that it grew its leaves back...Now this was mesmerising.. !!! Enjoy!! :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

whats cooking ???

The turmoil in the state of Bengal on Nandigram issue is a sad story. I salute the Nandigram protestors who are strongly determined, undeterred to fight the government, which is unduly trying to snatch their cultivable land by offering fake promises. Snatching their livelihoods in lieu of money is no means to show progress of the state. Here was an effort made by my friend and his group to showcase the apathy of the fellow sufferers at Nandigram. Wish government takes a wise action.

On the other note, with state elections round the corner in Gujarat, political parties are set into action mode and are practicing their speeches. Gujarat has been one of the most affluent states in India. Though the Godhra massacre did leave a black mark forever in the face of Gujarat, its progress has been unhindered. Modi claims that he’s been the greatest contributor in progress of the state, though true to an extent (being an aggressive and an intelligent politician) but the history says that Gujarat has always been in the league of the most affluent states. What more is that life is pretty relaxing for women in Gujarat; one can roam around without much tension late night also. With lesser road junkies, there tends to be lesser incidents of harassment to women quite due to being it a dry state. (I wouldn’t mind its dry state image- at least I have the peace of mind that I would be home safely even if it has got late.)

What can an election do?? Rajkot was deprived of city bus services (it used to have long ago but was stopped due to the losses the bus service made – because of undue use of private vehicles), but with elections round the corner, the lack of city bus services was red marked and it got promptly started within a short span of time. At least we are assured out of chunk of our money (of what civilians pay as taxes) being stacked in the pockets of politicians, some money gets diverted for the public good.

Who wins, who loses is all the same – all competing candidates are brothers – only the intelligent politician whose fake promises touch the civilians wins.. Every election brings in flow of fake promises – with span of five year government and a short memory of citizens the promises are going to be short stints and long forgotten by the time next elections approaches. In the mean time what gets heavier is the pockets of the ruling politicians..

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

With a century in the blog space (with the size of write ups I write - some just one liners to few liners to few of them just photographs , this number is not a genuine one :) ) ..yet the number got so important that I got exhilarated on the same and so did my compatriots by sending their congratulation wishes :) .

At this point in time I remember a small write up from a book called "The Little Prince" by Antoine De Saint Exupery . Its a wonderful book with an equal appeal to children and adults. I would like to qoute the same here.

"Grown-ups love figures.When you talk to them about a new friend, they never ask questions about essential matters. They never say to you : 'What does his voice sound like? What games does he prefer? Does he collect butterflies?' They ask you : ' How old is he ? How many brothers does he have ? How much does he weigh ? How much money does his father earn ?' It is only then that they feel they know him. If you were to mention to grown-ups ' I've seen a beautiful house built with pink bricks with geraniums on the windowsills and doves on the roof...' they will not be able to imagine such a house. You would have to say them : 'I saw a house worth thousand pounds.' then they would exclaim " 'Oh! How lovely. ' "

Such is the 'maya' of number game...

Monday, 12 November 2007

Thursday, 8 November 2007


and here goes my 100th blog :D ..

While walking down a street, I find the pavement is occupied by the banjaras ( living beggarly on the pavements). Barely anything to stack, unlike us, I find them into little chore of activities. Every possession of theirs is at display. Living under the hoods made from tarpauline sheets, the families of the same banjara community are living next to each other. While walking furhter , I find outside a similar small structure , a rangoli mentioning "WELCOME" in english . I was so pleased to see a rangoli outside a barely closed hut, with no doors ,no windows - a warm welcome note in the form of rangoli in bright White, Red and Blue mentioning a welcome to one and all travelling through the street!!

Thought to capture that in an image, but the immediate thought of impeding their privacy took me back.
Life is ..

Wish u all a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year.!! Enjoy


Another of my noting that happened today morning only,
while I was waiting at a shop making radium number plate for vehicles, I observed there were boxes of radium stickers on various subjects like various animal forms, birds, various designs etc. What hold my attention amidst tons of boxes was a small box marked " mixed bhagvan " meaning a box containing "mixed god"stickers...
Now conceptually this is so nice that it would solve major problems on this earth, majority of which starting in the name of religion..!! What say..!!

Friday, 2 November 2007


Touching and playing with the soap bubbles that cover the sky, rising, floating in the air,
how I wish, I care,

Swooshing through the swings,
dangling feet, barely touching the ground,
tapping feet and peppy sound,
such happiness in the heart rings,

Running through the woods,
Jumping from the car hoods,

mindfree whispers and care free giggles,
whacky jokes and tricky riddles,

Running behind to catch a butterfly,
cycling down the alley,

Playing games in the streets, screaming and hooting,
ligher heart that always whistle and sing,

So innocent, So carefree,
Let that child in the heart play, sing, dance, whistle ,giggle all care free..!!

Fast and Steady ..!!

Ideally, "Fast and Steady" that’s what’s required in the present world. Everything should happen considerably fast and yet steadily though.

Slow and unsteady – totally outdated, no acceptability anywhere

Slow and steady – was mantra of yesteryears – though secure it was but at a cost of time.

Fast and unsteady – creates waves like a sine wave – quite uncertain at times, though time saver on immediate basis but a costly affair in long run.

Fast and steady – is the best bid, all would want to be like that. Faster – means time saver and steadier means less uncertainties. Though we wish we can be faster and steadier, it is many a factor dependent as also to our strengths and weakness too.

But being fast may not necessarily give u all the pleasantries. Ideas can be worked out in instants, but not its execution. If everything falls in place to make the idea execution Fast and steady, it would certainly give satisfaction of reaching destination timely or before time but may not necessarily give joy to reach the destination.

What I remember here, of someone quoting is “Its not the destination but the journey to the destination that’s important.”

So irrespective of being fast or slow it’s the journey towards the destination that needs to be made pleasant…