Tuesday, 20 November 2007

whats cooking ???

The turmoil in the state of Bengal on Nandigram issue is a sad story. I salute the Nandigram protestors who are strongly determined, undeterred to fight the government, which is unduly trying to snatch their cultivable land by offering fake promises. Snatching their livelihoods in lieu of money is no means to show progress of the state. Here was an effort made by my friend and his group to showcase the apathy of the fellow sufferers at Nandigram. Wish government takes a wise action.

On the other note, with state elections round the corner in Gujarat, political parties are set into action mode and are practicing their speeches. Gujarat has been one of the most affluent states in India. Though the Godhra massacre did leave a black mark forever in the face of Gujarat, its progress has been unhindered. Modi claims that he’s been the greatest contributor in progress of the state, though true to an extent (being an aggressive and an intelligent politician) but the history says that Gujarat has always been in the league of the most affluent states. What more is that life is pretty relaxing for women in Gujarat; one can roam around without much tension late night also. With lesser road junkies, there tends to be lesser incidents of harassment to women quite due to being it a dry state. (I wouldn’t mind its dry state image- at least I have the peace of mind that I would be home safely even if it has got late.)

What can an election do?? Rajkot was deprived of city bus services (it used to have long ago but was stopped due to the losses the bus service made – because of undue use of private vehicles), but with elections round the corner, the lack of city bus services was red marked and it got promptly started within a short span of time. At least we are assured out of chunk of our money (of what civilians pay as taxes) being stacked in the pockets of politicians, some money gets diverted for the public good.

Who wins, who loses is all the same – all competing candidates are brothers – only the intelligent politician whose fake promises touch the civilians wins.. Every election brings in flow of fake promises – with span of five year government and a short memory of citizens the promises are going to be short stints and long forgotten by the time next elections approaches. In the mean time what gets heavier is the pockets of the ruling politicians..

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i had no idea this was going on... thanks for the updates... i need to keep myself more tuned with the news.