Friday, 2 November 2007

Fast and Steady ..!!

Ideally, "Fast and Steady" that’s what’s required in the present world. Everything should happen considerably fast and yet steadily though.

Slow and unsteady – totally outdated, no acceptability anywhere

Slow and steady – was mantra of yesteryears – though secure it was but at a cost of time.

Fast and unsteady – creates waves like a sine wave – quite uncertain at times, though time saver on immediate basis but a costly affair in long run.

Fast and steady – is the best bid, all would want to be like that. Faster – means time saver and steadier means less uncertainties. Though we wish we can be faster and steadier, it is many a factor dependent as also to our strengths and weakness too.

But being fast may not necessarily give u all the pleasantries. Ideas can be worked out in instants, but not its execution. If everything falls in place to make the idea execution Fast and steady, it would certainly give satisfaction of reaching destination timely or before time but may not necessarily give joy to reach the destination.

What I remember here, of someone quoting is “Its not the destination but the journey to the destination that’s important.”

So irrespective of being fast or slow it’s the journey towards the destination that needs to be made pleasant…

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