Sunday, 21 December 2014

'Stand still'

Stand still o my soul and ponder..
those birds and beauties in nature yonder..
take some time and look around the beauty of this world before it is gone, 
what you reap would have been sown, 
take some time in solace to reflect and thank the good in life, 
cos old age reflects what you sow -good or bad what you did in your life..

Mist of Punjab

that tree, 
it was witness to the chill and the mist of the winters there, 
it greeted us our state and interrogated from where and to where? 
as we walked through those mud laden paths in the interiors of Punjab, 
interacting, discovering frugal innovations and that sumptuous tasty local food 
We revert back to the tree, 
Hey tree, 
What matters is not this cold, 
but the warmth we get from your people in this cold
who toil and feed the nation with their produce of food..
So when we go back our memories will be laden with memoirs of these lovely warm and affectionate people of Punjab..

( inspired from Rural transect walk in Punjab, Jan 2014 )

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

After a hiatus ... On being just an observer.. (2) on lifelong companionship..

After a hiatus, I post this blog on what I have experienced while I have taken my morning walks! Part 1 here.. 

I am but just an observer .. and love being that way..

Being a early riser has its own benefits.. The fresh morning air and the vibrancy of the walkers and joggers enthuses you to gear up for the day all charged.. 

Most often then not, you keep meeting same people who are as sincere in their walk or other activity during the same time of the day.. while crossing them either one tends to exchange pleasantries or just mark their presence.. and vice versa their absence is noted. 

With this routine mostly followed, I have been lucky to meet some really good hearted people who tend to become your well wishers and bless you with good wishes all the time you cross them. One such couple I am in awe of. Below is their picture, plucking flowers for god they worship.

Almost every day of the year, with the sun just set to break into the day, this couple is ready, excited to take the day as it comes, they walk side by side, with warm smiles and small talks to each other reminiscing may be the past or of the events of the previous day or may be the future talks... they at steady pace, walk the same road, halting at familiar trees, plucking flowers gently from the tree bearing them, walk around a bit to head to the temple and give those flowers to the god they worship. Satisfied with their life. No grudges. Only living the day with hope, affection, and peace.  

They are a lovely example of living satisfied lives with what ever god has given them or making and then accepting of what they have made of their own life..

Seeing them together makes me happy and gives me a pleasure of seeing how beautifully they are living this life long companionship..Many sacrifices and adjustments each may have made to keep in pace with each other. Not one step ahead, not one step behind , they walk side by side, as each others strength. 

They are inspiring in a way. At times I wonder, what happens to one if the other partner leaves this world peacefully! But to leave that sad thought aside, I would like to just cherish their spirit, warm personalities and affection for each other to brave the world together life long, leading by example that such a future world can exist of lasting togetherness leading a road which may not be smooth but beautiful when traveled together. 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Random thoughts..

In the crest of lows..embracing the winds of change will make you reach the new troughs..its a cycle in the end... 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Random thougths

Make a splash and then swim on its waves!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Contemplating over...Search for that sacred groove..

I am sure every city or a dwelling place may have a sacred groove where one can go to, get inspired from, get their positive energies from .. where you can sit / walk and contemplate over /do mental talks etc
Only thing is we being able to find it or rather look for it .. I always look forward to finding such places in the cities I have lived so far! And for me, I strongly believe.. Nature is it! Those wooded places where the environment is in such harmony, those birds chirping or the squirrels dancing or places of natural springs with calm soothing waters or place in the midst of that noisy city behind you , yet offers a hearty ocean in the front ready to embrace you..

Nature for me! Which one for you?
Go find your sacred grove today!

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Friday, 9 May 2014

VIMH speaks!

Left eye talks to the right eye, "what I see is the truth", right eye winks and reciprocates, "ditto"!!

It's all about perspectives? or is it? 

Monday, 5 May 2014

VIMH speaks!

Happiness is a state of mind. Accepting the present state as it is and Giving away needs write is simple, to think is also easy, but to behave such is the learning of life.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

VIMH speaks

Intuition marks it a black or white , but the more I think of it, it turns to become shades of grey..

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Impatient generation!

Are we building on to be an impatient generation?

While walking on one side of the road in the evening, opposite side of the road was filled with a long line of waiting cars and motor bike's..their owners apparently giving looks of being 'tired' n ' physically exhausted' (without any greater physical exercise ..not sure of mental weariness also though) experienced at the end of the long day and can't wait to go 'where-ever' 'as soon as possible'...and then ..3.2.1.. green ... honking ...speeding vehicles.. cutting lanes ...
Traffic signal here just went green and there was this sudden rush of the motorized populace who had to cross that signal before it turns red again and then having again to wait for five-ten minutes of their life on the signal..

An auto rickshaw had stopped its engine at the signal only to realize that when the signal turned green, its engine wouldn't start ... and then suddenly the loud blaring sounds and horns from behind.. as the patient auto driver tries to pull across his vehicle to the side of the road to give way to the other vehicles, there are these scorning faces from those long sedans and the SUV's as if the road was their's and that stupid rickshaw driver wasted their precious time..

Where are we heading? Don't we see that it was the vehicle which couldn't start and it was not the fault of that poor chap to waste other 'honorable' people's precious time!!
I wonder do 'they' even care about someone's health or life also!! The sounds would one day aid in hearing impairment.. which to a comfortable a/c driven and windows rolled up 'honorable person' wouldn't matter... what matters them is their time , their road, their money,  their style statement and their status ... I have myself feared of getting hit multiple times while walking or cycling from these speeding vehicles ( not that I don't drive a four wheeler or a two wheeler, but I know I at least have some value system in place) .. and I am always at scare that the speeding traffic may kill one some day ..!!

Do they even realize what are 'they' running for in Life!  Giving lessons of value and larger truth of life and mutual respect is what I believe may help! 

Saturday, 8 February 2014

VIMH speaks

Voice in my head (VIMH) 

True wish creates coincidences!

Friday, 24 January 2014

Random thoughts!

Association with some people for how ever small duration really makes you connect easily and make that interaction with them go into the collection of  happy memories when you look back..

                                                     ------------ X -----------

What do you do when you find out people lying, or change the statement from what they had once agreed and you still need their association in some form to be continued..?

                                                      ------------ X -----------

While it is painful to change as per the time and need cos we feel we would want to remain in the comfort zone of already known,   it also important to note that time is running fast..what we have now may not be present tomorrow.. adapting fast is important.