Tuesday, 2 December 2014

After a hiatus ... On being just an observer.. (2) on lifelong companionship..

After a hiatus, I post this blog on what I have experienced while I have taken my morning walks! Part 1 here.. 

I am but just an observer .. and love being that way..

Being a early riser has its own benefits.. The fresh morning air and the vibrancy of the walkers and joggers enthuses you to gear up for the day all charged.. 

Most often then not, you keep meeting same people who are as sincere in their walk or other activity during the same time of the day.. while crossing them either one tends to exchange pleasantries or just mark their presence.. and vice versa their absence is noted. 

With this routine mostly followed, I have been lucky to meet some really good hearted people who tend to become your well wishers and bless you with good wishes all the time you cross them. One such couple I am in awe of. Below is their picture, plucking flowers for god they worship.

Almost every day of the year, with the sun just set to break into the day, this couple is ready, excited to take the day as it comes, they walk side by side, with warm smiles and small talks to each other reminiscing may be the past or of the events of the previous day or may be the future talks... they at steady pace, walk the same road, halting at familiar trees, plucking flowers gently from the tree bearing them, walk around a bit to head to the temple and give those flowers to the god they worship. Satisfied with their life. No grudges. Only living the day with hope, affection, and peace.  

They are a lovely example of living satisfied lives with what ever god has given them or making and then accepting of what they have made of their own life..

Seeing them together makes me happy and gives me a pleasure of seeing how beautifully they are living this life long companionship..Many sacrifices and adjustments each may have made to keep in pace with each other. Not one step ahead, not one step behind , they walk side by side, as each others strength. 

They are inspiring in a way. At times I wonder, what happens to one if the other partner leaves this world peacefully! But to leave that sad thought aside, I would like to just cherish their spirit, warm personalities and affection for each other to brave the world together life long, leading by example that such a future world can exist of lasting togetherness leading a road which may not be smooth but beautiful when traveled together. 

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Anonymous said...

"Many sacrifices and adjustments each may have made to keep in pace with each other. Not one step ahead, not one step behind , they walk side by side, as each others strength. " - Do you think that it is happening or seen same feelings, love and support for each other in today's generation? I hardly seen that. Forget about walking together, hardly anyone work together to resolve their issue. Its more like use and throw everywhere. We talked about improvement for environment, people's perception and social issues, but when it comes on us, its better to change relationship rather improving it. I think its only seen in old generation that satisfaction and support for each other, where other person's wrong they take it in right way and help him/her in correcting it. That is what i feel companionship for lifelong.