Friday, 30 December 2011

Random th8s and New Years Wishes...!!

Contemplating over this th8 since morning...

not to loose a sense of wonder - that child-like spirit..., that though what you create is in your hands yet there is something which is beyond your control which controls things the way they are... the way universe is... and yet every living creature is living in its own universe...

Wishing you all a Wonderful 2012...!!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Mesmerising moments..

Writing after a hiatus.. Truly impressed by the artists who I crossed by  today that I had to sit and write this post down..
While strolling after dinner with my sister on Ahmedabad roads, came across an amazing musician, playing "Ravan hattha", a small instrument made from wood, cocunut shell and bow's strings made from Horse hair...instrument looks little like ektara.
Though it looked easy to operate in the first go, but by seeing the artist play it for sure looked difficult to operate...

Raju bhai Jogi, Cheerful as he was , played brilliant, irrespective of whether audience was there or not, whether they appreciated or not...
-It made me fill with sense of wonder and yet contemplate that there are umpteen talents in this world which would go unnoticed..

-He was confident of his skills yet for his and his family's survival he had come all the way from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan in search for money , playing outside a/c hotels to entertain those snubby people who might not even spot him.. 
- To me it seemed that if there was a commercial angle to his attitude, he might not have cherished his music in which he immersed himself while playing .. 
- Yet he was aware of the benefits of mobile technology in increasing his market potential and had his visiting card handy to share, to capture the market of the interested passerby..

Another instance to share was of a young Rajasthani couple, with rural tinge (it seemed to me), who may have been recently married.. with the guy singing merrily some pleasant songs for his wife ... and both cherishing each others company on a busy trafficked Ahmedabad road.

How many of us would be of such  'free' mind.. not so much bogged by the worldly tensions..??

Saturday, 11 June 2011

the leaky sky..

sky is glazed,
sun is lost in the clouds maze.
rain .. rain .. and more rain..
torrential rains...
the rainy season had just begun,
but it seems in a day its quota of water it would dispel has overrun..
as though the taps of heaven were left open,
and god had just gone out for a run,
too much of something is not good
taking a break, it should..

but for now let me cherish the weather..
let me sip that hot tea..
let me go out to get wet,
and dance with the puddle of water and  go tip tap tap ...
Happy Monsoon.!!!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

One man making a difference..

In our locality theres a kulfi wala, of whom i was impressed for the reason of his use of leaves to serve the kulfies..

In this use and throw world it feels nice to see that some one is understanding the value of recyclable and non-recyclable


Each one can make a difference..!!

Lets start diligently following the 5 R's
Respect Mother Earth and Nature

I care.. I do.. Do You??!!!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pondering over..

While seeing couple of wildlife images , it gave me one more reason to think that nature is made me think how does an animal/insect/bird have skin that matches the physical world it thrives in ( or in other words camouflages them) .. how does that happen.. ?? anyone with that answer ..
check few images:

Andaman Day Gecko

Brown Palm Civet 

**images courtsey kalyan varma

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Random th8s

Just came across my friends new born daughter's picture with her pristine and sweet dimpled smile...Picture perfect...What made me ponder is.. what makes babies smile in sleep.. they barely have an understanding of the external events that may lead us to smile.