Saturday, 16 April 2011

Pondering over..

While seeing couple of wildlife images , it gave me one more reason to think that nature is made me think how does an animal/insect/bird have skin that matches the physical world it thrives in ( or in other words camouflages them) .. how does that happen.. ?? anyone with that answer ..
check few images:

Andaman Day Gecko

Brown Palm Civet 

**images courtsey kalyan varma

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Anonymous said...

This world is wonderfully architected by GOD-The almighty. If you see and think, every creature in this world has definite purpose and they behave in certain characteristics.

Colors has been assigned to every creature is to protect their ownself from other insect or may be they can attack on other insects when they are camouflage with the nature.That's what they said when i saw one documentary on nature.

But, I always wonder - do we(human)camouflage with something? We are also a creature and part of the nature. The answer leads me to option "NO".

Because we entered into highly qualified architecture without any definite purpose, on a way to destroy everything....!!!