Sunday, 28 September 2008

nature inspires.......

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Shopping mall encounters.

Shopping malls have always come as way to do some decent manageable time pass if nothing else was found to be done. So one such day was Saturday when I had relied on shopping mall for some reasonable time pass.
In the mall, marketing personnel try to convince that their brand is the best and going to suit you the most.
“ Madam, some sweet flavour will do?” “Would you like to check the new range we introduced?” “why don’t you just take a look?

So here are few of the funny encounters I had experienced in the past with the last one experienced on Saturday written first.

En 1 (Sat Sept 2008). :

While walking the lobby between the building, from the corner of my eye, I see A lens company has organized some event.. I move on without great interest. My corner eye glimpse also spots a marketing personnel speak something but being in my own thoughts I don’t stop to hear, thinking he’s talking to someone else.
But now few feet apart walking in my own pace.. I feel some one is following me.. and then I stop and turn around to see the same fellow whom I had spotted with the corner of my eye.

Panting he says.. “Madam, A lens company has organized a free camp. We are offering you one day disposable lens pair free,… blah blah” ( No wonder he spotted that I was wearing spects and a potential client ;) )

Since I had all the time in the world and they were giving one day pair lens trial for free ;) Voice in my head said “No harm in trying”
So there was I walking back with the person to where their setup was.
The guy asks me to fill the form. One lady checks the numbers on the spects that I was wearing. And then I was handed the free one day disposable lens to wear.

As soon as I got done I was bombarded with questions and schemes like “ ma’am how do u feel, this scheme is offering you so and so “ma’am you look better … blah blah ..why don’t you buy it’s a nice deal..

Tired of that bombardment I am ready with my tried and tested answer (which I have previously used for other cosmetic and skin care products ;)) “Actually, I have just got my new lenses done, for this I need to consult my ophthalmologist”
To this the lady says “No ma’am this is really safe.. blah blah…”

Her jabbering continues till I give her a big fake smile and excuse myself by thanking them “Thanks, I’ll surely get back to you guys once I need the new pair done” and off I am with the free trial.

En 2:
(Some day in 2001 or near around, when malls were pretty new concept here. Or rather I was quite new to it)
Ditto to the experience mentioned, I was loitering around the mall round the perfume section. It seemed that the concerned personnel of that section had no other great work and was accompanying me to all possible products they owned. Finally I decide to try few perfumes. And he’s there helping me by asking “Ma’am you like sweet, mild or strong smell” to that I said mild one should be fine.. So he douses the perfume on litmus sort of paper and hands over for me to smell it.. This goes on for 3-4 of such litmus test. After that he says “One minute ma’am, smell some coffee beans” I got confused as the person had said to smell or to eat the coffee beans.

And there he is with his extended hand with a box of coffee beans. Since I could not understand what to do I pick up 2-3 coffee beans and pop them off in my mouth and start chewing ( not knowing how eating would help me in selecting the perfume.. ;) ) (Wondering still how did he know I like coffee beans ;))
And off he’s there in a face trying to hide his laughter. Trying to manage a line or two “ Ma’am please smell the coffee beans so that the previous smells you smelled may not hamper your wanting to smell few new ones”
And there I was a little embarrassed and laughing on my on self.. Happens ( that’s what my mind consoled ;) ) !!


Saturday, 20 September 2008

point to ponder..

Ever noticed that the packaged food may not be manufactured on the month it actually got packaged on..
On the food packets date its packed on is mentioned but ever wondered if the food being packed was manufactured the same day or not.. there are instances when food packets also have small pests inside along with the food... how far should one keep a check on manufacturing and packaging dates....
Apart from that there are pre - printed bags also used .. how far should the citizens arise and awake to all this ... should all this be explictly mentioned .. whats your say

Sunday, 14 September 2008

wondering over..

Just wondering over.... how does the electricity board meter the lighting used to blare the eyes on the roads during festival celebrations which run weeks long here in India.. i have heard people being charged heavily inspite of less domestic electricity usage .. is it by any chance that the billing is transfered to the households... Anyone any idea ?

Picturising the unknown, unseen person..

We humans constantly create images of others in our minds window. As mentioned in Jaydip's blog , we form picture of the person we interact either verbally ( over phone) or written ( email,blog etc) without seeing that person. Soothing ( convincing/ supportive) voice at the times of need makes a good image ( picture ) of the person. And we wonder of the person's actual face over the imagined one.. how far does the actual image match the imagined one is at times funny to observe..

Thursday, 4 September 2008

મિચ્ચછામી દુક્કડમ્

માંગી છે ભૂલ ની માફી, મસ્તક્ મારું નમાવીને. કરું છું દિલ ને હળવું ખરા દિલ થી ખમાવીને. મિચ્ચછામી દુક્કડમ્.
For all those who dont understand gujarati.
After following the Samvansari Pratikaman , seeking for the forgiveness..
Kindly accept my sorry for all those misdoings of mine which i did knowingly or unknowingly throughtout the past year in the form of foul speech, wishing bad in thoughts or bad action through the way of using bodily force to hurt you or all those souls from one sense organism to 5 sense organisms. Micchami Duddkadam

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Questioning Rituals...

Today is Ganesh chathurthi. Wishing all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

Outside on the roads I see upteen vehicles and people carrynig Ganesh ji's statue, with loads of people hooting "Ganpati Bapa Moriya". Loud music, loud displays consuming great electricity, long processions.. and in the end the immersion of the statue in water body. Wouldnt immersion of statues cause water pollution and in turn affect the life in the water could we not look at that part.. how could we not look, that the next day volunteers and government servants go crazy cleaning up the mess on the roads and water bodies left the previous day ...

I have never understood the concept of immersing the statue of gods and goddesses in the water bodies..Had tried to inquire a few friends but couldnt get some satisfactory answer. It would be nice if someone could enlignten me on the same...

I also dont know if people following the rituals know the meaning of following them or is it that they are swayed by mass sentiment... Why can't we question our rituals? why can't we question our beliefs? Not that we detest what rituals say but atleast one can find answers and then follow them instead of following them blindly..

Should taking out processions and hooting the slokas ever please God ? it would just add to sentimantalising the society to different religious sects.. No offense against any particular religion..its a general blog trying to question our rituals..

It would be nice to have your views :)

what use of pan spittle..??

I have never understood the urge to spit pan and cough on the roads and walls of buildings and stairs etc. I actually dislike (hate) such acts. Seems govenrment should also provide spitting pan along roads, buildings and wherever possible.. but...
Anyhow, one funny incident to note here.. while walking down the road, I happened to spot a crow chewing from someones pan spittle :) funny to see. Didnt have a camera then to capture the image .. Atleast someones enjoying the organic waste.... enjoy..