Sunday, 14 September 2008

Picturising the unknown, unseen person..

We humans constantly create images of others in our minds window. As mentioned in Jaydip's blog , we form picture of the person we interact either verbally ( over phone) or written ( email,blog etc) without seeing that person. Soothing ( convincing/ supportive) voice at the times of need makes a good image ( picture ) of the person. And we wonder of the person's actual face over the imagined one.. how far does the actual image match the imagined one is at times funny to observe..


Jaydip Mehta said...

Indeed its funny ..
At least with me it has always been funny .. I picturize the person and when I see actual photo, it always mismatches for me.. And most of the time, photo is less beautiful than visualized picture :) ..

dishantparikh said...
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dishantparikh said...

Yeah its funny. Other way is also true. By seeing image we think that person might be innocent,kind and all. But when we meet them we realize that he/she is on the other end of the stick.. :) any ways ATB..

chinmai said...

@jaydip: hmm.. bad luck ;) u cud ve struck the chord otherwise nah ;)
@dishant: world is full of possibilities ..