Friday, 25 December 2009

slip of alphabet..

Off late C got into habit of writing in official mail .."Tried calling you" if she couldn't reach a colleague over phone to clarify some doubts..

Now one fine day, C would have been in some great hurry. She contacts S over phone. S didn't pick up the call, may be because she was beezeee.. so C thinks its better to drop her an email.

So as a newly acquired habit, C starts with "Tired calling you. blah blah blah"
After a week she wants to refer the mail she sent S for some reason. And to her astonishment she finds the 1st opening line of the mail as

Dear S,

Tired calling you. blah blah...

C was shocked for a moment of what could be interpreted on the other end as it sounded very unprofessional..and laughed it out loud though..

Just a slip of alphabet between "I" and "R" changed the interpretation of the whole sentence which was really short to change the meaning all together..
C just laughed out that instance...but such is life....Bold

Saturday, 19 December 2009

fine challenge...

One fine day C wants to do creative things so she decides to go to upmarket stationary shop at a near by mall..

She mulls over a lot of things there.. but small, colourful origami kits cathces her attention.. C was very fascinated by origami since her days where she was taught little things like pillow, boat and other simple stuff, she finally decides to get the origami kit to pursue her creative instincts..

Fascinated by the little colourful kits , she doesn't give a second thought and buys one kit in memory of her chldhood days..

As soon as she reaches home she opens the kit to read the instructions and to her dismay she sees that all the instructions were in Korean.. and the pictures were difficult to follow on the immediate go...C tells her sis of what has come in the kit and on suggestion of her sis she goes to the shop to exchange for some thing better.. only to realise that C got 2nd such kit along with the 1st one.. :) and starts with the simpler 2nd kit...

C gets till step 8 but is stuck at step 9.. tries to understand the figure as instructions were vain for her..tries some more before she hits the bed...

Again one day after her office journey she thinks to get it straight but seems she had to use more of her brain to understand step 9 and leaves the figure as it is..

So on a leisurely weekend she tries again.. with lunch breaks and siesta breaks , C made it finally after all the initial scuffle to make a little flower of paper .. after all the engineer's ego was at stake...

Fine arts posed a creative challenge which was fun to solve...
All's well that ends well :)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

that smiling face..

That smile on his face.. for something ran through in his mind's window..
his smile, brought a smile on my face..
and it made me wonder..

He was calm and quiet, with the smile on his face..waiting for his train stop to come..
with external world seen by touch and sense..his world was his mind's expanse..

It made me wonder how unperturbed was he by the external world that he could just touch and sense but not see..yet in harmony with the world and accepting things he couldn't change.. blind that he was...

It made me realise ..petty we are in the hands of god or the so called super power but how to live with given circumstance was in our hands...