Friday, 25 December 2009

slip of alphabet..

Off late C got into habit of writing in official mail .."Tried calling you" if she couldn't reach a colleague over phone to clarify some doubts..

Now one fine day, C would have been in some great hurry. She contacts S over phone. S didn't pick up the call, may be because she was beezeee.. so C thinks its better to drop her an email.

So as a newly acquired habit, C starts with "Tired calling you. blah blah blah"
After a week she wants to refer the mail she sent S for some reason. And to her astonishment she finds the 1st opening line of the mail as

Dear S,

Tired calling you. blah blah...

C was shocked for a moment of what could be interpreted on the other end as it sounded very unprofessional..and laughed it out loud though..

Just a slip of alphabet between "I" and "R" changed the interpretation of the whole sentence which was really short to change the meaning all together..
C just laughed out that instance...but such is life....Bold


JD said...

Ha ha ha .. very funny and very true too .. in fact, i have gone through it too .. once while SMSing my T9 dictionary in cell phone was on .. (when you type sms in english T9 dictionary provides very easy and fastest way to type an SMS) ... so i wanted to tell "I was selected" .. but what had went in sms was "I was rejected" .. Reason behind this was, in T9 dictionary selected and rejected comes on the same key strokes .. so if you type key strokes of select and don't press # to change the word, it would go as a "rejected" .. :-) ..

Anonymous said...
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Stupidosaur said...

Hmm C ka toh I R Baboon ho gaya! ;)