Friday, 24 December 2010

never out of college...

Now this one I was intending to write since quite some time.. How engineers almost never live out the college type lifestyle.. not necessarily true for all but quite a few of them..

Recently we had a whole lot of freshers who got recruited and had come to our office to find out their respective projects and office locations..Every where they were spotted in the groups and discussing something of prime importance.. canteen or in lobby..

Boys though looked like just out of school types seemed to try and hide their child like looks by wearing ties. :).. and few girls looked so petite that it seemed that they had recently got out of their teens, with their braces off the teeth recently..

No matter how hard these boys and girls tried to look professional that childish look still emerged.. looked funny and reminded me of beginning of my professional life..

the haversacks may be replaced by rich office handbag.. but in months to come by with experience in the professional world building, the haversacks will be out from their closet and used again...
engineers will be engineers.. !! :)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Here and now...

Living each day .. Living each moment mattered,... and while i still say this, future and past at times bogs me ..  growing and outgrowing each day. did it lead to maturity and the greater understanding of universe, i don't know...  or may be it just gave me understanding of mundane circumstances and surrounding people and their behaviour, and i say i became mature...  yet  i don't even realize that time will sweep by and life may end... 

Universe is mysterious , so full of happenings that don't necessary have logic and reasoning.. 

whose life of the past 6 billion years has never been forgotten for the contribution they did  to the universe during their times of existence.. bones would get dissolved into the sand.. and the ones that may have got excavated would not be bearing any name tag... so what is it that matters to me .. 

While sitting in this cubicle and  making better deals or meeting my targets which is in a way is a life that I have accepted, i get these thoughts ..  did i inspire someone in my surrounding.. did i ease someone's pain... did i make some one's life there something that i do that would make some one a little happier...did i wonder on the mysteries of universe, mysteries of life and death, existence of nature and various living beings, can i do such work which makes me happier .. would i get the courage to get out of this bent of mind that one needs to be excellent in their chosen field (chosen field it was by personal choice or the popular choice) and that was the only way to mark ones progress.. 

Life is too short to be led by doing things which may not make you or others around happy...Life's mysteries may never be resolved...  It is here and now..  living it with courage, simplicity, honesty while doing things of liking will for sure matter to me and my surrounding.. 

How do i take the life from Here and Now..