Wednesday, 24 June 2009

passing th8...

Like the flowing water..
meandering past the barricades....

Friday, 19 June 2009

some more pictures.....

If not tired yet , see some more pics of the Bengaluru visit.. ;) ... and this time it is the garden special ... :)

lovely gardens with lot of lush green trees...and nice green cover..unfortunately the cover is being chopped off due to the so called development ... There is always going to be a fight between urbanisation, development and preserving nature and natural resources...its every ones responsibility to protect nature..

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bengaluru glimpses - Part 2 ( Bannerghata special)

People say , Visuals are impactful... that's how I have stopped writing ;) ( leaving apart the fact that I don't have much to write also :) ) . Anyhow enjoy some more pictures of Bengaluru visit...
Playful little soul.. just loved watching it play with the grass...:) (didn't like the shackles in the mommy elephant though..)
how I would love lazying around like this..
afternoonn siesta....
oops quite close..but unfortunately fortunately we were in the closed bus...just wondering over if i could not bear the burden of the closed windows would these creatures tolerate the burden of being trapped into a Zoo with loads of humans coming to see them in closed vehicles every now and then (being the fact that it can smell the food but the food is not approachable ;) )...


spotted dear..
bannerghata is a zoo in Bangalore

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Bengaluru glimpses...part 1

vidhan sabha

few nice roads if not filled with traffic..
hudson circle (mostly ;) )
Karnataka high court
state central library

iskon temple

commercial market - masjid, bus stand and the fly over..

Tipu Sultan's mini summer palace...
bengaluru traffic .... pathetic traffic....realisation comes only when you experince ;)

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

passing th8s

Most of the times we put faith in the driver (who is unknown to us) who would take us from one destination to another of our journey.. be it flight, bus, train.. we barely think of not reaching our destination safely as we unknowingly put faith in the driver...

but when it comes to putting trust and faith in an unknown( may be the same driver coming to ask for our help ) or some one whom we barely know, our conscience doesn't allow to trust the person at all at the first go..

Only if we put a certain amount of faith in unknown person or unknown situation the situation may seem easier or the person more friendlier..

( this may not hold, trusting all the person all the time .. there is something called as gut feeling and trusting our own instincts..)