Monday, 24 October 2016

Intro - fintro

Hi there,

Just thought of interacting with my fellow visitors.

How have you been? Was inquisitive of learning what made my coveted visitors land on this page and what country they belonged to? What is their journey of life?

Life brings in many interconnections most often unknowingly and we don't know when what will turn out to be a best , most fruitful, elevating experience / connection / contact etc etc ....

Should you not mind, you could share in comment on your journey or anything intriguing that you learnt of or experienced of from events of your life or others life events you were witness that made you grow as person ( mentally and emotionally).

If not thanks for visiting and Happy blogging!

Have great life ahead!

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Seeking answers from unknown streams and ways .. universal ways ....

Umpteen times I have experienced, If we are keen and establish links - life gives us answers in many unknown forms to the questions we are looking for... most often for me .. accidentally I land up with some text or conversation which tries to guide me to the answers of the questions I am seeking answer to...

Saturday, 23 April 2016

life is ...

Every iteration got tears in my eyes... 

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

is the digital connectivity and technology making us 'smart' of dumb??

In this hyper connected world where each of us has presence in all social medias and over internet , over various gadgets, and over cloud... is this over-obsessed digital world filled with data bytes and presence limiting our sight to the world only limited by data bytes and we base our judgement of what is right and wrong on that???  such limited vision!

when the world has more shades to itself where not every thing can be put into bytes.. where world exists even beyond our eyes can see and sounds that our ears can hear..where our own human existence is just  about a blink of an eye as compared to creation of universe.. how is it and who are we to decide what is right and wrong ?? and for whom ?? .. where is the element of feeling .. of universal connectedness .. of super power above us .. ( not by any chance the big daddy - US or the king pins of the under world and terrorism ISIS and the likes..) and the plans of this world and our existence to be captured in digital world??

Ancient Indian wisdoms in form of 'religion' ( as such a guide to way of better life and living) relied on karma theory pinning down appropriately on our actions, wants and needs and of universal connectedness..  every change starts from self.. where does that digital world's imprints bring in changes to self journey and discovery of doing good karma of life beyond the span that we think of till 2100 or 3100..!! The more the self discovery journey , the digital world starts to present its clutter.. In the world we judge of what is right and wrong which has only yes or no or 0 and 1 as its outcomes.. we have stopped to analyse our complex human interactions to the world beyond.. while every thing is being filtered through the digital lens..

Our sense of touch is limited to computer keys or mobile keys..while our brains is powerful to process complex situations and people and surrounding which with the advent of ease of technology we are losing... how is it that we have lost the sense of wonder that there is a whole world existing beyond technologically driven world .. which we on the urge to spread are technological creations and the greed to buy ever new are also destroying.. the moment we lose our labour to ease of technology which in a way is a barrier to grab more.. our greed journey begins!

There is a whole world which human and its technology have been not able to create ! how could we not revere on it.. that if we destroy some thing we are not able to create how will we restore it ..and how will we survive without the other 'something' whose importance we have not realized!!

so is digital connectivity and technology making us 'smart' or 'dumb'?? Pondering over this!!

on good deeds and karmic connections ...

the world is on its own charted / uncharted path ...  which at times we feel is in chaos and is in utter need for corrective action... in our limited time frames we try and judge bad and good depending on the limited vision we have and on the circumstances we are placed in .. when we start worrying about the bigger change to bring the world back in order based on 'my' own perception .. we may feel discouraged to even take one step to do good contribution.. it may discourage me to even take one small step thinking that in the larger scheme of things that step would be immaterial,.. but this should not stop to do 'good', a 'good' which makes my conscience lighter and makes me feel good..
every action I feel has to weighed with karma being added or deleted from your life..


what connections we make with other souls of the universe we don't know ... there are karmic connections.. and may not sound logical but you connect to them beyond words... what name should a world call this relation which made one connect instantly as opposed to worldly relations which took its time to establish ? Pondering over the same .. 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Random th8s

While you were judging the other person, don't forget the other person is also judging you. Most often underestimating someone because you don't have idea of someone's potential will lead you to surprises..Calibre can be built but not nature of a person.. and  while overestimating a heartbreak or angry bouts of expectations not fulfilled. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Of selfless giving, living, dying ..!

So many times we have come across people who have gone out of their way to make others life happy... not that they really wanted something in return.. they did because they had something to give.. I think its a universal law.. Probably, it is only when we start giving selflessly first, does the universe starts repaying our selfless giving with selfless getting too!

Then what prevents us to start giving selflessly! what awaits our thoughts that hold onto our security of safe and comfortable living beyond our needs? Is it in our mind that we create so many walls and then try.. go and find windows of receiving all that only can be purchased for our happiness? In a way we are the victims of our own mind.

We fear people cheating us, taking advantage of our kindness, we being left behind in this highly competitive world, of being proven wrong, of failing , of people making mockery of us .... so much so that we are not wanting to let go, because we can't see a clear picture, we always keep weighing of the amount we do to the amount that is expected in return... Goodness comes at a personal cost. A cost of mental stress.. While external happiness can be bought , internal happiness can only come from growing within, by letting go, by giving selflessly.. probably wanting to let go of our own mistakes first and also of mistakes of others, by giving our time and means to people, nature, other beings.. Being in the present, being aware of each passing moment, that it is there only now and if we keep doors of my mind locked of past and future stresses, how can I live now?

If one of our goal is to lead a happy life, I think we should start by setting a bigger goal of having a peaceful death...and then start leading life by backward planning.
What will lead me to have a peaceful death?  

 May be leading a life may not be as serious as this sounds, but the goal should be serious. One may have fun on day to day living ( not at the expense of others though) , but the backup of thoughts should always be serious. Can I be helpful to some one in need in some way without expecting any thing in return? Can I be truthful to my own self first?

Contemplating on the same... What will give me courage to let go .. so as to allow the universe to catch hold of me if I fall...