Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Welcoming 2009!!

As we bid adieu to this year 2008,
lets make things, for our own selves clear and straight,
there would have been moments of learning, sharing, caring, joy, love or hatered
lets learn for ourselves from ourselves and grow
grow to greater heights, where even eagles may not dare to soar..
lets reach for our dreams,
or stretch our minds to reach our dreams..
and try to reach the path..
because no one will be answerable but our own selves..
lets try and soar further in 2009..
Wishing all a very Happy New Year..
Wish you all get what you wish for in life..
Have a Rocking year ahead....!!!
Welcome 2009!!

Sunday, 28 December 2008

extending from the below, on indian languages ....

interestingly found an article in today's TOI on "Talking Native"

In a country where state boundaries have been drawn on a linguistic basis, it is no surprise that language regularly emerges as a bone of contention..."

"India, which has 22 scheduled languages (the number increased from 18, when Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santhali were added to the list in 2003), has also seen some shift in the language profile of populations. In the 1961 Census of India, 1,652 mother tongues were recorded. However, the 2001 census listed only 234 identifiable mother tongues — those which have 10,000 or more speakers each at an all-India level. "

'Hundreds of languages are in a similar state the world over. Reports from Unesco say over 50% of some 6,700 languages spoken today are in danger of disappearing. Experts estimate that 96% of the world’s languages are spoken by 4% of the population, and one language disappears on average every two weeks. "

some very interesting information about indian languages here

Though couldn't find much on how the states were so formed based on linguistic differences..

Friday, 26 December 2008

Pondering over...

Pondering over how different states were formed with distinct languages to differentiate them..
for eg. gujarat - housing gujarati's
maharastra - housing marathi's
Tamil nadu - housing tamil's
anyone any idea ??

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

random th8s

grow and grow but no live..

(adding years to life but not living by the moment)

grow and live ..

(adding years to life and learning to live through expertiences)

live and grow...

(living each moment of life and growing by each waking moment)

live and live but no grow....

(not sure of this....)

Here are random th8s on growing in life and living life ... you can expand / add your versions... different view are always a welcome... :) enjoy.....

Sunday, 7 December 2008

I didn't accept the things that I did not understand..
time showed its way...
May be later when I learn its meaning, and accept the things in its undeterred form,
I may have to wait till eternity
or the clock of time to give its say..

should the course of action be in acceptance of things which are not understandable at this point of time or should it hold better to understand the things and wait for time to show its play...