Tuesday, 23 December 2008

random th8s

grow and grow but no live..

(adding years to life but not living by the moment)

grow and live ..

(adding years to life and learning to live through expertiences)

live and grow...

(living each moment of life and growing by each waking moment)

live and live but no grow....

(not sure of this....)

Here are random th8s on growing in life and living life ... you can expand / add your versions... different view are always a welcome... :) enjoy.....


Jaydip Mehta (JD) said...

Very nice Chinmai ..
Lemme add few things ... Assume that life is marathon race and than read my comments ..

grow and grow but no live..
Being first in a race but at cost of enjoyment of running on path ...

grow and live ..
Being first in a race of life as well as enjoy running on the path ..

live and grow...
Just enjoy running on the path keeping in mind that I want to win this race and as a by-product you comes first in a race ..

live and live but no grow....
Enjoy running on the path completely neglecting that "Growth is life" ..

Only Vimal said...

Too philosophical for me. :)

Hitesh said...

I would like to compare it with the trees

grow and grow but no live
( It is like those trees which grow taller and taller in search of sunlight or grow their roots longer in search of water..a constant struggle to live)

grow and live
(It is like those fruit bearing trees that grow and then they live and give live to others through the fruit and shade)

live and grow
(It is like the wines which starts to live and in that experience just keeps growing with the support of another tree)

live and live but no grow
(These are like the garden plants.They live to their fullest but are no way attempting to grow and someday they find themselves uprooted easily)

Stupidosaur said...

Damn my IT job is not at all LIVEly!

And the only thing GROWing is my tummy!


chinmai said...

@jaydip, hitesh : very creative.. my was a very unrefined th8.. thanks for ur views...

Bhavesh Chandebhamar said...

See the Guide Film (1965) Starring Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman and carefully listen last and ultimate dialog of film.

Outcome of the dialogue is (In Gujarati) Brahma Satya is Che, Jagat Mitya

And this Brahma is my matter of research for so many long times. Newton, Albert Einstein or Stefan Hawkings are observer of this Brahma and what they have seen at micro level they put that on paper. In real sense this matter has to be understood very deeply.

Joy and sorrow has now meaning in longer run and may be life is just like oops of Java, but in this case I may be wrong.

Bhavesh Chandebhamar said...

Modification to above: Life is really cool

Bhavesh Chandebhamar said...

Interesting Equations:

Humans = eat + sleep + work + enjoy

Donkeys = eat + sleep


Humans = Donkeys + Work + enjoy


Humans - enjoy = Donkeys + Work

In other words,

Humans that don't enjoy = Donkeys that work.

chinmai said...

@bhavesh: nice one :)