Monday, 30 September 2013

Lets live and let live!

Life's experiences and tests either sober you down as a person or make you more aggressive.. I have never understood what are the jihadi's fighting for? Some one somewhere due to various reasons may feel neglected and dejected.. but it depends on how they want to take that experience and mold themselves to be better for themselves or others. Revenge or enforcement may help neither! What is important is could you bend yourself a little? I know this is a broad statement and everything and every act that was done was circumstantial.. but can we live or leave a better world is not what we should strive for?

Lets live and let live!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Random th8s

I like sun and sunny days after days of dark skies!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Every life has a story to tell..

While watching a movie  "The lunch box" directed by Ritesh Batra, made me wonder how people long for a good friend or a companion to talk to their thoughts, some one who can lend an ear and listen to us our deep thoughts, some one who is just there when we want to.
How each of us has a story bottled up within ourselves to tell every day with the mundane of the things we face in life ..

In this fast moving world where no one has time to see, feel, experience emotions, where consumerism and money govern the way of life, why has it become so difficult to communicate our mundane or deepest thoughts?? Why is it that with the increasing age it is difficult to make new acquaintances who could go on to make as good friends?

With Ila and Saajan, the characters of the film, it was the error by the six sigma achieved dabba walas who mistakenly interchange the  lunchbox meant for Ila's husband to Mr Saajan, which got them to share their mundane things of life.. but do we always need incidences to get introduced to new acquaintances? How is it that over a period of time we start taking the other person for granted and forget that they have stories to tell when the other person was away earning?

Do we not need to halt each day to see whether in this fast paced world are we leaving the relation behind to achieve our monetary or professional goals?

Every life has a story to tell.. and in this world with the cacophony of those voices .. do we get a lending ear to hear our tale?