Monday, 30 September 2013

Lets live and let live!

Life's experiences and tests either sober you down as a person or make you more aggressive.. I have never understood what are the jihadi's fighting for? Some one somewhere due to various reasons may feel neglected and dejected.. but it depends on how they want to take that experience and mold themselves to be better for themselves or others. Revenge or enforcement may help neither! What is important is could you bend yourself a little? I know this is a broad statement and everything and every act that was done was circumstantial.. but can we live or leave a better world is not what we should strive for?

Lets live and let live!


Anonymous said...

creating a disparity in social system is our own breeding. People feel neglected and dejected in hundreds of ways. We can not correct each one. But at least can't we stop creating differences while accessing same kind of services. Why are we using our favors and status in such situations? Why are we not standing in line for licence or Aadhar card or railway reservation with Aam janta . People like us look for favors at that time and make sure that they are ahead in line either by using VIP quota for reservation, or due to some other relations with their relatives. This will create wrong understanding in people and society. I just showcased hereby very trivial example, but it is happening everywhere.

Treating everybody equals at least reduce some level of aggregation. I have visited many countries and I can see this one is a big difference between ours(Indians) and them.

The example you have sighted was very crude but such are the breeding points which later on contributes in such havoc situations.

However, there is no guarantee of human will, as its free will. It can go in any direction and on many different routes. Those who are diverting this free will are the one who is using such disparity in social systems.

Donation/helping each other are more like fixing symptoms of system for a while. If we really want to fix it, work on human's free will. An exact guidance to that will bring change in humanity.

In today's world things are become so complex and entwine that "someone's profit may contribute in loss to others" hence all this disparity.

What i can do is just "A Prayer"..!!

chinmai said...

@anon: thanks for your views, i do agree wid them partly..about social disparity leading to such aggression, however, no one can give exact guidance of how to live and bring changes in humanity, the basis of a religion ( of do good, be good etc) may be an attempt but it creates more disharmony at times when ego creeps in over supremacy of religions..thinking good,hearing good, being good and doing good is imbibed in value system either taught at home or school or surrounding or learnt inherently.. its a self choice of living a life without grudges and tensions of how should one treat other..

Anonymous said...

@C: Just trying to express my view on your comment.

Do you think that religion is different than what you learn in school, at home and any other surrounding? If you looked at it, religion is everywhere.

I(we) have been taught many things which are meaningless in school or sometime home. They pass their legacy understanding(or misunderstanding) to their children which can be meaningless or many times affecting others. Also,a school in which you have studied is not available to all and environment where you brought up is not available for all.

In my earlier point, i have not pointing that we should follow or not follow learning from the places you mentioned or the ones which religion taught us. But as a human being, you should know how to discriminate between what is right and what is wrong from the global level rather just thinking from your own selfish motive. This should applicable even in small matters which i have mentioned in my previous comment. That will solve this fundamental issue of chaos.

(discriminate between right or wrong which is where our brought up culture, free will's status come into the picture).

Society, religion and brought up culture are not wrong, just our interpretation is wrong many times, because it differs from person to person.

"its a self choice of living a life without grudges and tensions of how should one treat other.." this is very much not true. we are all interdependence on each other in many ways. We should keep habit of helping others if possible(without doing favoritism) and at least see that we are not affecting others in our doings.

Although it sounds very ideal model, but if majority of people will start living in such model, things will improve a lot....!!