Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Feeling bad..can one do something..

Two incidences which makes me feel not so good ..

1) While travelling in  the lanes of my city on my two wheeler, I came across a cow munching a plastic bag..I tried to remove the plastic bag from its mouth and threw it away , though near by .. not sure if the cow again reached that plastic bag !!!

I like the traditional idea of keeping stone kundis(bins) for throwing waste food for roaming live stock which would come and eat it..Its such an efficient way to manage food waste..Zero waste - Zero methane emissions ( which otherwise if mixed with other waste which lands to land fills would have generated methane gas and thus Greenhouse gas emissions)
But with the change in lifestyle ( increasing apartments, increasing use of plastic bags for every form of waste collection, leaving livestock on  their own on roads by Bharwads ( traditionally the pastoralists)  to mend for their own food) I don't like the idea of throwing food waste in plastic bags..what could be done to find solutions for this changing lifestyle patterns?

2) At a different place and time, spotted a beggar picking up some food , from the stone kundi meant for food waste for roaming live stock as his meal !!
I am sure if he would have begged some one would have given him some thing to eat ! Not sure why he landed himself at that kundi meant for livestock!

Pondering over ... 

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