Friday, 25 December 2009

slip of alphabet..

Off late C got into habit of writing in official mail .."Tried calling you" if she couldn't reach a colleague over phone to clarify some doubts..

Now one fine day, C would have been in some great hurry. She contacts S over phone. S didn't pick up the call, may be because she was beezeee.. so C thinks its better to drop her an email.

So as a newly acquired habit, C starts with "Tired calling you. blah blah blah"
After a week she wants to refer the mail she sent S for some reason. And to her astonishment she finds the 1st opening line of the mail as

Dear S,

Tired calling you. blah blah...

C was shocked for a moment of what could be interpreted on the other end as it sounded very unprofessional..and laughed it out loud though..

Just a slip of alphabet between "I" and "R" changed the interpretation of the whole sentence which was really short to change the meaning all together..
C just laughed out that instance...but such is life....Bold

Saturday, 19 December 2009

fine challenge...

One fine day C wants to do creative things so she decides to go to upmarket stationary shop at a near by mall..

She mulls over a lot of things there.. but small, colourful origami kits cathces her attention.. C was very fascinated by origami since her days where she was taught little things like pillow, boat and other simple stuff, she finally decides to get the origami kit to pursue her creative instincts..

Fascinated by the little colourful kits , she doesn't give a second thought and buys one kit in memory of her chldhood days..

As soon as she reaches home she opens the kit to read the instructions and to her dismay she sees that all the instructions were in Korean.. and the pictures were difficult to follow on the immediate go...C tells her sis of what has come in the kit and on suggestion of her sis she goes to the shop to exchange for some thing better.. only to realise that C got 2nd such kit along with the 1st one.. :) and starts with the simpler 2nd kit...

C gets till step 8 but is stuck at step 9.. tries to understand the figure as instructions were vain for her..tries some more before she hits the bed...

Again one day after her office journey she thinks to get it straight but seems she had to use more of her brain to understand step 9 and leaves the figure as it is..

So on a leisurely weekend she tries again.. with lunch breaks and siesta breaks , C made it finally after all the initial scuffle to make a little flower of paper .. after all the engineer's ego was at stake...

Fine arts posed a creative challenge which was fun to solve...
All's well that ends well :)

Thursday, 3 December 2009

that smiling face..

That smile on his face.. for something ran through in his mind's window..
his smile, brought a smile on my face..
and it made me wonder..

He was calm and quiet, with the smile on his face..waiting for his train stop to come..
with external world seen by touch and sense..his world was his mind's expanse..

It made me wonder how unperturbed was he by the external world that he could just touch and sense but not see..yet in harmony with the world and accepting things he couldn't change.. blind that he was...

It made me realise ..petty we are in the hands of god or the so called super power but how to live with given circumstance was in our hands...

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

My best friend at Mumbai and me..

My Best friend and me...
My Best friend at Mumbai and me...

In a city that's dwelled by millions,
where one gets lost in the crowd,
crowd of friends or aliens.
Walking with noise within and outside so loud
I go to its refuge and seek peace,
I blabber and speak till my mind's ease
with no record of hours, hours slip by in its company..
I ask questions in the waves of mind,
answered or not answered by it,
Yet I seek its company..

That touch of wind and its lapping waves going back and forth..
hitting the rocks, breaking the silence
those bubbly bubbles and the froth ...
medidation previals in its silence..

who cares for those lovers behind,
who cares for blarring sound of the traffic behind, who cares
till you get to see your friend - the ocean,
so vast with brim full of water and the peppiness of the waves and the wind,
inspiration it is for me
that sea...
Marine lines, sea and me..

I love this place, I love my friend..
to whose refuge I always depend..
Thats the story of my best friend at Mumbai and me

Monday, 2 November 2009

Some one rightly said " When the student is ready, the teacher appears"

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Over the time I have realized, whistle - is the only thing that you tend to do when you are the most happiest or joyful .. you can dance even when you are not happy, you can sing even when u are not happy.. but not whistle...

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Diwali's just round the corner..colours of life...

Diwali's just round the corner..Time to revamp and undo things.. cleanse the dirt and walk in light... time to cherish with loved give and to share..
Wish you all a very Happy Diwali in advance...

Monday, 5 October 2009

web of life..!!

Beehive in progress...
click on picture to open in full..

Friday, 2 October 2009

our amla tree took nearly a decade to give its fruits...sometimes its important to wait patiently for life to give its fruits...

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

a message from some movie.. an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind...

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Some one rightly said , " Open your mind before you open your mouth" simple yet strong message

Friday, 18 September 2009

'Snoring' Cold :)

Real funny conversation happens between my colleague and me two - three days back..
C is down with cold..running nose and tears to support the proof of cold..she has been using her handkerchief often to wipe of the running nose.. to someone who just looks at C for a moment may feel that C has been crying..but thats how C catches cold and displays its symptoms..
So at the end of day C informs her colleague that she would leave for the day..

C: V, is there something else to look at
V: No
C: in that case, I will leave.. as I am down with cold ( as if it was not apparent :) )
V: o yeah, u can leave... I can see you have been snoring the whole day..
C: A little shocked to hear and cant control her laugher.. says again , since I am down with cold and eyes are also watering..
V: yeah yeah .. i know you have been snoring the whole day..
C: now cant stop laughing, rectifies V that C has been 'sneezing'..and not 'snoring'...
Funny the incident was that C laughed on it the whole of her return journey back home :)

Sunday, 13 September 2009

On Beach Cleanup drive and more ...

On the 11th day Post Ganpati Visarjan , 4th September, our team had decided to go for beach clean up drive at Juhu Beach...

Lalbag ganpati fetched Rs 5 Cr worth of donations of just mere 10 day festivity..they say that the money will be used for medical treatments for the poor at a highly subsidised cost...People felt happy of bringing the statue and then bidding it a final good bye and the statue was shown its way to the beach where it was finally immersed...

The final journey of the God was done with great pomp and show.. people dancing their way through the nights.. bursting crackers.. dancing to bollywood numbers with ear deafening music through the and prasad distributed freely and what not...

God was immersed into the sea finally.. and people got back to their lives after..
the Beheaded GOD...

See the beheaded god..the story of its home coming to its final adieu..and then the forlorn look that it had on the beaches...

The state of Beach pre clean up..

The images of broken statues of POP lying all over the beach that were gutted out of the choked sea, garlands, food waste .. all this was never a part of their consideration...who cares.. its government's responsibilty to clean !!!!!
Broken statues, garlands and the food waste..gutted out of sea...

This post is again about questioning the rituals..and that are we responsible enough for our actions.. and what are we leaving for our future generations...filth and dirt...!!
Don't know if people thought the environmental impact they will leave behind post celebrations....On the beach we could find dead sea creatures....probably fishes..lying on the beach along with the filth.. and many more creatures which died inside the choked sea..who knows...

Many environment sensitive groups came early in the morning to do the clean up of the mess left the previous night..Though the weather was deceiving and it was raining the whole night , many NGO's, people from many corporate groups, school children were determined to get out of their beds and do beach cleaning along with the BMC officials..
Must appreciate the incessant efforts of the BMC officials in cleaning the beach... the patch of beach where we helped clean the beach was almost cleaned in about two hours..
See how we are treating the statue..
Bulldozer running over the statue of the Lord Ganesha..

Trucks so filled with waste will be landfilled somewhere little far from the city and in few years time that landfilled area would be an upcoming area to invest and get our own private houses..!!!
Post Clean up...!!
After the clean up most of us felt satisfied and happy that we contributed in the clean up drive!!and made the beach clean.. but what about the people who keep making mess and are dirt generators.. don't know if we are taking steps to curb the cause..

more pictures here

Saturday, 22 August 2009

wondering over..

Just wondering over .. if continuous hooting of ambulance on a road blocked with traffic is annoying and irritating for a normal person.. how annoying would it be for the patient inside..

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Seems I found an answer ....

As mentioned in a previous blog I was questioning about why certain things just happen to you and not someone else.. off late just bumped into a book called "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne .. a popular book , which has tried to answer that question of mine which quite matches to what Jaydip answered..

Excerpts :

Thoughts are magnetic, they have a frequency. As you think thoughts they are sent out into the Universe, and they magnetically attract all like things that are on the same frequency. Everything sent out returns to the source - You.

The law of attraction doesn't compute "don't" or "not" or "no" or any other word of negation. As you speak negation this is what the law of attraction is receiving :

"I don't want to spill something on this outfit "

"I want to spill something on this outfit and I want to spill more things"

"I don't want to be delayed "

" I want to be delayed"

" I don't want that person to be rude to me"

" I want that person and more people to be rude to me"

The law of attraction doesn't care whether you perceive something to be good or bad, or whether you don't want it or whether you want it. It's responding to your thoughts. So if you are looking at a mountain of debt, feeling iritable about it, that's the signal you're putting out into the Universe. "I feel really bad because of all this debt I've got." You're just affirming it to yourself. You feel it on every level of your being. That's what you're going to get more of.

Seems quite right on one plane.. and may be answers the question quite a bit... but at times I think things happen because they were bound to and not otherwise..

Jaydip by any chance you had come across this book called "The Secret" :)

Friday, 14 August 2009

fully faltoo..

just came across this picture from a website..intresting one.. what all could be interpreted from this picture...

i could think of :

- virus that can spread thru mucus ;) ( based on so much hype of swine flu and its spread )
- foul speech
- the hot air ( looking like steam then ) that comes out from mouth when its winter and its chilly...

if you could add to that list :)

Saturday, 8 August 2009

some not so usual spottings in mumbai..

Travelling in Mumbai .. only experience can teach how you can squeeze into the traffic of humans and vehicles..while there are long hours to reach your destination , one can utilise time by observing others or reading or listening to one's own 'manpasand' songs but that is only once you have made yourself a place to stand or sit if you are using public transport... :)

So at times I use observation as a means to pass the travel time..and here I come with a post of not so usual for me spottings . may be usual for the other people though...

on my journey from office to home , there are helmet shops on the western express highway..never understood why on the pavement you find so many used helmets lying 'laavarish' .. was it a way for promoting to buy helmets from their shops or was it a donation/dumping ground.. :)

If you are a little familiar with Bombay train routes , Western line is from Churchgate ..andheri .. Kandivali..Borivali ..Virar. Have seen people, who climb onto trains from say Kandivali station onto a train coming from Churchgate and going till Borivali. Their travel destination is say Andheri but will travel till the last destination Borivali. They will travel unnecessarily just to book their seats , cos once the train reaches borivali , from where the train will start it reverse journey to Churchgate,it will get full from Borivali only , and as soon as it reaches Kandiali there will be no place for them to sit. Such is life..Tough ..
( there was one more..but can't recollect it rite now ;) :) , will post it later..)

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Today is Happy Friendships Day...

Today is Happy Friendship's day :D ... had lost the track of it .. but the smses and the photos of the youth in the newspaper reminded me how even we used to cherish these days in college... :)

Friday, 24 July 2009

amateur shoots

interesting photo..the child on the first step is collecting the coconuts 'shraddhalu' have immersed into water as a part of religious belief..and then reselling those back to different ' shraddhalu'

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Saturday, 4 July 2009

impromptu - on water, rain and monsoon...

Pitter patter of the rain drops on the window panes,

Here comes the monsoon , here comes the rains..

rain drops, sweet smell of the wet mud and the tea,

the euphoria and the happy cries of children playing in the street

how I wish I was there , with the Joy's abound and discreet ..

wish it rains the apt and the heavens well goes never dry

to see humans never fight and cry

for the scarce and the most essential resource of Life – Water...

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

passing th8...

Like the flowing water..
meandering past the barricades....

Friday, 19 June 2009

some more pictures.....

If not tired yet , see some more pics of the Bengaluru visit.. ;) ... and this time it is the garden special ... :)

lovely gardens with lot of lush green trees...and nice green cover..unfortunately the cover is being chopped off due to the so called development ... There is always going to be a fight between urbanisation, development and preserving nature and natural resources...its every ones responsibility to protect nature..

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bengaluru glimpses - Part 2 ( Bannerghata special)

People say , Visuals are impactful... that's how I have stopped writing ;) ( leaving apart the fact that I don't have much to write also :) ) . Anyhow enjoy some more pictures of Bengaluru visit...
Playful little soul.. just loved watching it play with the grass...:) (didn't like the shackles in the mommy elephant though..)
how I would love lazying around like this..
afternoonn siesta....
oops quite close..but unfortunately fortunately we were in the closed bus...just wondering over if i could not bear the burden of the closed windows would these creatures tolerate the burden of being trapped into a Zoo with loads of humans coming to see them in closed vehicles every now and then (being the fact that it can smell the food but the food is not approachable ;) )...


spotted dear..
bannerghata is a zoo in Bangalore

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Bengaluru glimpses...part 1

vidhan sabha

few nice roads if not filled with traffic..
hudson circle (mostly ;) )
Karnataka high court
state central library

iskon temple

commercial market - masjid, bus stand and the fly over..

Tipu Sultan's mini summer palace...
bengaluru traffic .... pathetic traffic....realisation comes only when you experince ;)