Saturday, 8 August 2009

some not so usual spottings in mumbai..

Travelling in Mumbai .. only experience can teach how you can squeeze into the traffic of humans and vehicles..while there are long hours to reach your destination , one can utilise time by observing others or reading or listening to one's own 'manpasand' songs but that is only once you have made yourself a place to stand or sit if you are using public transport... :)

So at times I use observation as a means to pass the travel time..and here I come with a post of not so usual for me spottings . may be usual for the other people though...

on my journey from office to home , there are helmet shops on the western express highway..never understood why on the pavement you find so many used helmets lying 'laavarish' .. was it a way for promoting to buy helmets from their shops or was it a donation/dumping ground.. :)

If you are a little familiar with Bombay train routes , Western line is from Churchgate ..andheri .. Kandivali..Borivali ..Virar. Have seen people, who climb onto trains from say Kandivali station onto a train coming from Churchgate and going till Borivali. Their travel destination is say Andheri but will travel till the last destination Borivali. They will travel unnecessarily just to book their seats , cos once the train reaches borivali , from where the train will start it reverse journey to Churchgate,it will get full from Borivali only , and as soon as it reaches Kandiali there will be no place for them to sit. Such is life..Tough ..
( there was one more..but can't recollect it rite now ;) :) , will post it later..)


Stupidosaur said...

Thats the classic trick!

Besides, they also do this:
Sing Bhajans.
Discuss Stocks.
Play cards.
Sleep and fall on each other.
Ladies give lots of gaalis to each other.
Ask which side platform is gonna come (newbie does this).
Crawl slowly to the door few stations before the actual destination.
Get thrown onto destination platform by push of crowd.
Get thrown onto non-destination platform by push of crowd.
Miss a few trains because cannot get onto it.
Somehow manage to get onto it and realise that its a fast local which doesn't halt at your stop. Its so crowded you cant get off even at the next stop! (rather more ppl climbed in and pushed you away from the door! ;) )


CM-Chap said...

Ah you made me nostalgic... yes this is the exact place I lived in mumbai. In those days I could never understand whther it is so tough to stand and travel in train. why people go all the way to Borivalli for the purpose of getting a seat.

I always somehow managed to squeeze myself from Kandivelli itself to Andheri or Dadar or Churchgate... For anyone who has to learn how to travel in public trnasport Mumbai's western line is the best place :)