Friday, 27 April 2007

gray matters...

Grey gray matter.. quite often its as one progresses towards acquiring grey hair that one accumulates on the gray matter.. but otherwise also, not always one has to wait for the turning to grey.. for some the exposure and the never die attitude itself is enough to keep the gray thing going before the actual greying..


wanted to write something else..but this is what I round off with..

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Bubble world

Every one at many points of time in the day, dive in and out of the bubble world state unconsciously..

A bubble of thought formed .. linked with some action or some situation , it grows , till something or someone snaps us back to reality.. and so it bursts .. and yet another bubble is already underway..

Living in and out of this bubble world...fantasizing things.. back to the past, future and the present all interspersed.

Neurons touching so fast to the past, present and the future, to the brain to the spinals in and out from one event to the next…as if touching or living various life’s in the same moment ..

One thing that defies the speed of light.. is the speed of thought…the speed of the living in an out of the bubble world….


Monday, 2 April 2007

it happens so..

Quite a few times, when I happen to encounter my mom's friend over the phone or happen to meet her somewhere, she recalls of remembering me on and often..
Exaggerating the same as that I am rather as sweet as her doggy or that her doggy is as sweet as me .... and that she happens to call her "sweet doggy" " chinu or chinmai " and is happy to see a broad smile on her doggy's face with that name beaming up .

With no words to reciprocate, I just pass on a murk times thinking, hope this was not an insult :) and that is it out of love that she calls her sweet doggy by my name or is it otherwise.. :) but am pretty sure of the former or i like to believe it that way :).. funny tale to think of ..

Strange life at times , weird experiences to beam up the faces and lighten the hearts ..keep walking .. keep experiencing..