Monday, 2 April 2007

it happens so..

Quite a few times, when I happen to encounter my mom's friend over the phone or happen to meet her somewhere, she recalls of remembering me on and often..
Exaggerating the same as that I am rather as sweet as her doggy or that her doggy is as sweet as me .... and that she happens to call her "sweet doggy" " chinu or chinmai " and is happy to see a broad smile on her doggy's face with that name beaming up .

With no words to reciprocate, I just pass on a murk times thinking, hope this was not an insult :) and that is it out of love that she calls her sweet doggy by my name or is it otherwise.. :) but am pretty sure of the former or i like to believe it that way :).. funny tale to think of ..

Strange life at times , weird experiences to beam up the faces and lighten the hearts ..keep walking .. keep experiencing..


Vimal said...

I would like to believe that I have comments in almost everything... :))

You are right. Live life as it comes.

Its more of a perception and reflection of how we think. In your this case, I am happy that you are taking it positively.

Everything in the world has two sides... If I am happy as I am... Somebody would say that I don't have ambitions and others would say that he is crazy and in spite of having so much, he has no limits......!!

So, whatever you do or think... as Newton's third law says... Every action has equal and opposite action, will come back with different perceptive.

Enjoy everything. :)

Best regards.

Rushabh said...

i second your viewpoint.