Thursday, 16 May 2013

The politics of GDP

Recently I came across an article named : "Corporatisation of India's Agriculture - A Ticking time bomb" by Sachin Kumar Jain at One India one people magazine (May 2011)

The article reveals that large corporations are trying to take control over agriculture and consumer behaviour and thus consumption patterns. With no clear policies coming from government to protect the debt ridden farmer the farmer suicides may become rampant. Three facts strike out clearly from the article.

1)" With the 100% FDI , any foreign company can exercise direct control over the production, research and development of seeds, plants , flowers, vegetables, tea etc and other agro products, Animal husbandry and pisciculture have also been included in this purview."

I remember a quote from someone "If you control oil, you control Nations but if you control food , you control - PEOPLE"

2)"With the attempt for new green revolution, government is creating a suitable environment for  the big corporations in the agriculture sector to grow bigger and take control of natural resources and production systems apart from other exemptions will also enjoy 100% exemption from tax on profits for the first five years and 25% exemption for the next five years. Excise duty will be reduced by 50% while the subsidies to the farmer are steadily reduced and withdrawn!"

3) "Forest, land, mineral products, water, mountains are all resources. As long as the forest are left untouched GDP doesn't grow. When the government or company fells the forest, wealth accumulates. When water bubbles in the brooks it has no value for the government. But when a law limiting its use by the people is passed and when control is given to a company in exchange for a hefty price , GDP grows. When people are healthy, the development visualized by Montek and Manmohan Singh doesn't take place, but when people fall ill, GDP grows. "

I have really come to doubt the definition of development. Backward states , Nations are all rich in natural resources and with the "Developing and underdeveloped tag" the so called "Rich" nations would like to rob  "Poor" nations making them "Poorer" by stealing away their Natural resources and production systems !!!! Such is the irony of Development!