Sunday, 1 May 2011

One man making a difference..

In our locality theres a kulfi wala, of whom i was impressed for the reason of his use of leaves to serve the kulfies..

In this use and throw world it feels nice to see that some one is understanding the value of recyclable and non-recyclable


Each one can make a difference..!!

Lets start diligently following the 5 R's
Respect Mother Earth and Nature

I care.. I do.. Do You??!!!


Anonymous said...

Not sure, why did you impress so much ? My purpose of asking this question is just a small point which may lead to reality. did you ask that guy why is he serving into leaves?

Is he doing just because of tradition or just because of finding it cheaper way and cost effective or he understood all your 5 parameters which you have described starting with R.

I have seen ample example that people use the paper bags while giving vegetable and other grossary items. When you asked them, they usually say that they found it cheaper. This same people will change direction, if they find something much cheaper than this.(here i am pointing towards plastic bags).....

I just want to point you that Is this an awareness or just a necessity of someone (buyer or seller)? Because we want awareness... !!!

because for this people, it is much more important to fill their family's stomach rather than keep worrying about the global warming and climate change.

I think we need to ask this question to upperclass or upper middle class - they just talk about many things but keep consuming a lot ? Because... they don't know how much we should consume??

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. However, in any case, to see sustainable development for any reason is heartening. Many large companies are taking the green energy route to earn carbon credits. No harm done.